Week 2 of Getting Fit – Scale Is Moving In the Right Direction

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie from TheYummyLife.com

I’m making progress in my quest to eat healthier, move more and lose weight. At weigh-in this week for the weight loss challenge I’m doing I lost some poundage! Last week I weighed in at 148.6.

My weight this week is 146.2.

That’s a loss of 2.4 lbs. I’ll take it!

Here are a few things that have really been helping me stay on track:

1) Meal planning. Knowing ahead of time what I’m going to make for dinner each night of the week keeps dinnertime stress to a minimum. And because I’m prepared, there’s no eating junk just because there’s nothing else to eat. Plus, Brian is loving having a hot, delicious dinner ready when he gets home from work. Win/win!

2) MyFitnessPal. I don’t love logging in everything I eat during the day, but the reality is, it helps keep me on track. And the fact that it’s a social network actually makes MyFitnessPal fun. I can interact with my friends who are also tracking their food and exercise, and we can keep each other motivated.

3) Eating fruits and vegetables. I’ve actually been pretty successful at getting a lot of greens and fresh fruit in my diet. I have a salad before dinner every night and broccoli as a side dish often. I’ve also been eating a lot of blueberries and making Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothies, which are nutrient-packed and filling.

4) Family support. Really, this should take the #1 spot. Brian and my parents see me really making an effort to change my habits, and they are always telling me that they’re proud of me. This is invaluable!

It’s true that the more you do something, the easier it becomes. I’m enjoying eating healthier, more whole foods and I’m confident that I’m going to stay on track.

I will update again with my progress in another week!

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  1. yay!!! Love it when the scale goes in the right direction hehe. Good luck, and yes, meal planning and “bite it, write it” really does work. Now remind me of that when I slack!

  2. I facilitate a diabetes prevention class and everyone also loves myfitnesspal and tracking really does keep you aware of everything. Great job! I need to try that smoothie – looks great!

  3. I find it so hard to stick with the healthy fruits and veggies in the winter. We eat the same ones day after day because I don’t feel as inspired. I want hot, comforty foods and we tend to carb load like hibernating animals. Kudos to you for keeping the fresh foods in your routine!

  4. Hooray for progress! I’m in the same boat as you…when I have plan I can stick to it. I love my fitness pal, it’s the number 1 reason i’ve seen some weight loss success. I just need to work on increasing my fruit and vegetable intake. That’s my new goal. 🙂

  5. You are so beautiful! I love your attitude- keep rockin’ it.
    I love smoothies and juicing- I have a great book if you want to borrow it on different juice blends for what you’re trying to achieve.
    Continue on your wonderful path (I’m there with you, trying to get under 140 before baby 2), and you are guaranteed to succeed!

  6. So that smoothie looks great – I love bananas and strawberries together.

    The funny thing is it looked like this NON-Nutritious Bourbon Bacon Jam my husband made this Christmas! It’s delicious but it’s BACON JAM! 🙂

Week 2 of Getting Fit – Scale Is Moving In the Right Direction was last modified: January 28th, 2013 by Jane Couto Govednik