Maternity Monday: What you really need when you’re Pregnant

Maternity Monday: What you really need when you’re Pregnant

When I was pregnant with my son William back in 2004, I bought everything and anything that wasn’t stapled down. I had about 100 pairs of maternity jeans. I had 50 tanks, 50 tees and 50 turtlenecks. I had sweaters and outerwear and blazers and dresses and skirts. And the funny thing is, if you remember… back in 2004, there weren’t even that may maternity options out there. I literally was buying most of my stuff from eBay. There would be these bulk sales, where a mom was selling 15 pieces of clothing for a set amount, and I was like an animal all over those sales.

Honestly, I used about 20% of the stuff I had during that pregnancy.

I feel in love with a particular pair of jeans from Old Navy, so I ended up not using the other 99 pairs I bought.

I feel in love with a certain kind of tank, so I ended up only wearing that particular style throughout my pregnancy and didn’t need any of the others.

I was working in an office throughout that pregnancy, so I literally ended up wearing these same classic cut dresses from the GAP that I had found online… a black one, a paisley one and a gray one… and just accessorizing them differently whenever I wore one.

All in all, you definitely start to know what you love and what you need when you’re pregnant and dressing for the part. You want comfort and style, and let’s face it… you don’t need tons and tons and tons of clothing.

Having this be my 5th time around pregnant, I’ve become an expert as to what it is that I absolutely need.  I don’t need a WHOLE new wardrobe, but I do need key pieces that will get me through the 30+ weeks where my belly is showing off a cute little (and then big) bump.

As I blogged about on Friday, I’ve partnered up with Thyme Maternity through the next few months to wear some of their fabulous maternity fashions. As I was perusing the shop this weekend online, it was easy to zone in on exactly what I love because it’s exactly what I need.

What you really need when you’re Pregnant:

1) Jeans – You 100% need a pair of jeans that is going to fit you like a GLOVE. Just like you need a pair when you’re not pregnant, you need a pair when you ARE pregnant! You may need to try on 10 pairs until you find the pair you love. You also have to be willing to know what is most comfortable for you – low rise band, high rise band, etc. And – the beauty of maternity jeans now, you get to pick skinny, jeggings, bootbut, flare, etc. That’s right – it’s like wearing “real” jeans.

2) Special Occasion Dress – At some point during your pregnancy, you will most likely need a special occasion outfit. A wedding, a work function, a party, a gala, a work event… there will be something that calls for you to dress up. I always love to recommend finding that one dress that you could wear once or multiple times throughout your pregnancy. It’s an investment piece, but it’s worth it.

3) Blazer – Oh, yes… a blazer. Even if you aren’t working, a blazer is a perfect piece to have. As you know, the bigger you get, the tougher it is to fit into anything. I love a blazer because it’s a perfect layer piece that you could add over a tank, a tee, a blouse or a sweater. It works as a spring jacket or just as a classic tailored piece to have on-hand.

4) Tees/Tanks – The most IMPORTANT thing that I have in my maternity wardrobe are tees and tanks that fit and are comfortable. I opt for pieces with ruching because they are literally so cozy for me and so versatile. You can wear the same ones at 12 weeks and at 40 weeks. As your belly gets bigger, your tees/tanks expand with you. I love being able to wear these under everything or just as themselves. They are just perfection for me.

5) Fitted Sweater – Boxy items are the enemy. The boxier items are, the bigger you feel. I always love having at least one fitted sweater (or top). There’s nothing more flattering.

6) Sweats – Weekend wear! Sweats are essential. You can probably get away with wearing your “normal” sweats till about 12-18 weeks, then the band may just be too tight for your belly or side.  You can get away with wearing them low, but… well, you don’t want them to fall off! Invest in some sweats, comfy and cozy clothing that you can literally live in.

7) Flats – Unless you’re Jessica Simpson, you probably won’t be toting around in 4 inch heels throughout your pregnancy. Find some flats in your closet or buy some pairs that will get you through the the pregnancy. I suggest a flat boot and a flat shoe.

8) Maxi Dress – The ultimate. Maxi dresses are the most comfortable and fashionable maternity item. I love it because it’s something you could wear to work or to play.  It’s just fabulous on every level. And you can get them in any color and any pattern.

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Maternity Monday: What you really need when you’re Pregnant was last modified: January 7th, 2013 by Audrey McClelland