Launching of Windex® Touch-Up Cleaner and GIVEAWAY!!

I have had a long history with Windex®.

Throughout my life, it has always been the glass cleaner of choice for my family. I remember seeing my Nana use it when she used to babysit me as a little girl. I remember my mother using it throughout the course of my life at home (and believe me, she still uses it!). And now I use it, all the time – on my windows and on my mirrors – to keep everything shining bright and crystal clear.

It’s a bottle of cleaning magic, and it’s something I’ve trusted and relied on throughout the years.

As a mom of four little boys, keeping a clean house is something that is very important to me. The messiest rooms always seem to be the kitchen and our bathrooms. I have to clean these rooms every single day because if I let one day go, the messes build up. As much as it may be tough to keep up with four little guys, it’s something I’ve gotten used to throughout the years and it has truly become (dare I say it) my version of “normal.”

I don’t have a housekeeper or a cleaning service; it’s just me and my husband. We do everything. We rely on particular brands for cleaning our kitchen and bathrooms because – in all honesty – if we find a product that works for us, we stick with it. So… just like when it comes to keeping my surfaces sparkling clean, I know I can always depend on Windex® and when they come out with a new product, I’m ALWAYS intrigued to see what it is and try it out, especially if it’s going to make cleaning that much easier and better!

Windex® has just released the Windex® Touch-Up Cleaner that quickly cleans and sanitizes frequent messes. Honestly, they must have had the McClelland boys in mind when they created this product because it’s (in a word) AWESOME.

Keeping your kitchen and bathrooms clean has never (ever) been easier. The revolutionary Windex® Touch-up Cleaner will be your new cleaning best friend. What I personally love is that it’s designed to actually be kept out and readily available, allowing you to clean and sanitize your surfaces quickly. You literally dab and clean and you’re done. It’s unbelievably easy and convenient. It also kills 99.9% of bacteria (something I absolutely adore seeing) and is offered in delicious fragrances (another bonus!).

I plan to keep my Windex® Touch-up Cleaner out and ready to wipe away messes that “just happen” to occur every single day in my house. In my bathrooms it’s all about the boys leaving toothpaste all over the counters, hair gel (oh, yes… they like to look handsome before school!) and mouthwash… and OK, sometimes there’s some facial cream and makeup residue from me. In my kitchen it’s all about spilled juice, jelly, peanut butter and sauce stains. To be able to have a quick Touch-Up Cleaner to use, right at my fingertips, I LOVE it!

Are you ready to try it out for yourself!?

I have ten (10) Windex® Touch-Up Cleaners to giveaway!

How can you enter?

Tell me (in the comment section) what messes are constantly in your house. Please tell me I’m not alone with the constant “boy messes!”

I will choose a winner on January 24th, 2013.

*If you are a winner, please leave a testimonial here once you’ve tried it out!*
Visit the official Windex® Facebook Page at or visit to learn more about the Windex® Touch-Up Cleaner.
Disclosure: I have partnered with Windex® and am being compensated for my posts. However, my opinions are my own.

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SHOWHIDE Comments (9)
  1. We have “girl messes” in our house so I am constantly wiping down beds and all counters because of lipstick and gloss they like to apply themselves and then wipe anywhere but a Kleenex. Our powder room downstairs and our refrigerator need constant touch-ups so these look perfect!

  2. I have seven year old triplet boys and they make so many boy messes. My biggest is the back of the toilet and the toothpaste in the sink.

  3. We have are messy in this house, but were very happy making those mess’s! Being that I’m always the cleaner of the mess I am always looking for a way to clean up quickly and most importantly effectively!

  4. Well since I live alone, I have my own messes! Everyday kitchen messes are pretty constant in my house. Lol

  5. Our dog is constantly tracking in messes from outside – mud, snow, slush, leaves, etc. He seems be a mess magnet. He also likes to rub his mouth on the furniture after he eats, and he licks random things – furniture, shoes, etc. I feel like I need to follow him around with a rag and cleaning spray.

Launching of Windex® Touch-Up Cleaner and GIVEAWAY!! was last modified: July 18th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland