Interview with NuRoo Founders – Hope and Daniela

I ALWAYS love finding out about new products for moms and babies.

It truly is a passion for me.

I recently was introduced to NuRoo Baby and their NuRoo Pocket.

As soon as I saw it, I thought it was genius.

What a perfect way to be close to baby. After having 4 babies of my own, I know the importance and necessity of mom and baby bonding. It’s beautiful. I love that The NuRoo Pocket makes this THAT much more easier.

Just the perfect way to be with baby.

I love it.

And I even had the chance to interview founders Hope and Daniela…

… as you can see, they know a thing or two about having babies! 🙂

1) What made you think to create NüRoo?

“I was introduced to the practice of skin-to-skin contact by a nurse midwife at my time of delivery. Following the birth of my daughter, Baby Elle was immediately placed on my chest, and my midwife began telling me all of the amazing physiologic benefits that the practice of skin-to-skin offers. I learned that in order to give her all of these advantages, she needed to be on my skin for an uninterrupted 60 minutes, 2-3 times a day. That seemed reasonable until I arrived home and was greeted by my two, very excited, three year olds. I needed something that could help me give my daughter the benefits of skin-to-skin, but allowed me to be active with my family. Nothing like that exist, so I simply made one. As fate would have it, I was introduced to Daniela at a holiday party for our children’s school. She had just had a newborn, shared the same passion for the practice, and was willing to test fit my design. That night (which we fondly refer to as our ‘first date’) we huddled in a corner for 4 hours, dishing about what would grow to become NüRoo. Together, we perfected The NüRoo Pocket design and are excited to bring moms a brand that keeps them and their babies together, while offering them every early advantage.”

2) Why did you feel it would be such a hit with mothers?


“All moms want what is best for their babies, but wrestle with how to provide it. The second a mom understands how and why skin-to-skin works, she’s a believer.

If every mom knew they possessed the ability to accelerate their newborn baby’s brain development, enhance their immunity, improve sleep and weight gain, all while speeding her own recovery time, reducing the risk for postpartum depression and increasing her milk supply (if breastfeeding), by simply holding baby on her bare chest, they would want to do it.  Then, they would get home and struggle to find time. If you had a way for her to fit those 60 minutes into her daily life, you’ve made doing what is best for baby, easy for her.”

3) I work with my best friend, how is it working together?

The thought of having not known one another 2 years ago is crazy given how connected (both personally and professionally) we’ve become. Sure, spending 19 hours a day together doesn’t hurt, but it’s easy to understand how and why ‘we’ work. Our professional backgrounds are medicine and marketing, which happened to be the perfect pairing. Our ‘work hard and play hard’ mentality is the same. Often, we’ll crank on NuRoo from 7pm-2am so we have time with our kiddos earlier that day. While everyone asks if we’re sisters (we once got asked if we were twins?!), we like to think of each other as such. Guess which one is younger?

At the end of a killer day, week, or month, often our biggest cheerleader is the other. Having someone in the trenches with you, that supports you whole heartedly, creates a bond unlike any other. I can say with certainty there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.

4) What are you hoping women take away from NüRoo?  Why do you want women to buy one?

If we can help foster the intimate connection between mom + baby, we’ve succeeded. Society does a good job of making us second guess ourselves as moms. Leaving the hospital, how many women think “I can’t believe they are letting ME leave with this BABY!?!” We want to remind moms that instinctively, innately, they KNOW how to care for their babies. This thing called parenting doesn’t have to be so complicated.  Trust your instincts and keep your baby close, it truly is the best place for both of you.

Moms buy a NüRoo Pocket to fit skin to skin into their daily routine and help baby transition from the womb to the outside world.

5) Where does your passion and drive come from?

We can answer this so many ways!

“I think you are born with a certain passion and drive, which defines your choices and directs your ambitions. I never felt passionate about my career, until the day we founded NüRoo. Holding Baby Elle skin-to-skin literally inspired an idea. It never gets old educating moms about the benefits of skin-to-skin. It is so gratifying to watch a mom become empowered when she learns that she herself can deliver undeniable benefits just by holding her baby on her skin. Every mom and every baby deserve these moments together and we will crusade and advocate for them every chance we get!”

“Wrestling to be the marketer I knew I could be and the kind of mom I wanted to be was an impossible balance to strike. I always felt like I had to pick one or the other. Creating something of our own lets me do both. I’ve never worked harder (or slept less), but win or lose, there’s something to be said for your children watching you chase your dream. Our supportive husbands, parents and inspiring kiddos (all 8 of them!) keep us charged.”

Finally, this incredible ‘mom community’ we’re all part of inspires us every day. A long time ago, a colleague drew a picture that has stayed in my mind (not exactly Da Vinci, but you’ll get the idea):

She said all new moms find themselves in the valley at one time or another, looking up at those in the sunshine (it’s all relative, right?), fearful of the road before her. As a parent, you come to know that the valleys and mountains are never ending, and that it truly takes village to raise a family. It’s the job of the mom at the top to reach back, extend a hand, and help the other mom along. For all support we receive as parents, and for all the times we said “we wished we knew that then…” NuRoo is our way of paying it forward.

These ladies are just incredible!

Can’t wait to see The NuRoo Pocket available!

Interview with NuRoo Founders – Hope and Daniela was last modified: July 18th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Interview with NuRoo Founders – Hope and Daniela was last modified: July 18th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland