Pampers Beautiful Mornings Bundle Photo and GIVEAWAY!


Ahhh… I love them.

I used them for 6 straight years from my William to my Alexander to my Benjamin and my Henry.

I was honored when Pampers asked me to be on their Blogger Board a couple of years ago because I am a true brand lover, and to be associated with this special and iconic brand means so very much to me.

Right now, Pampers has a beautiful campaign going on, along with a FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!

Pampers is Celebrating Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments

Starting November 8th, you can look for the special “30 Days of Prizes” tab on Pampers Facebook page for chances to win daily prizes that will enhance beautiful mornings with baby – all including Pampers diapers, which offer little ones up to 12 hours of overnight protection! A parent’s dream… !

Each entry will also enter you into the grand prize giveaway — a $5,000 gift card that can be applied at “designing” your family’s own ideal beautiful morning moment. From Breakfast Bundles to Reading Reunion Packs filled with fun items for you and your family, there are a total of seven different prize packs that will rotate throughout the 30 days!

And are you ready for this AMAZING GIVEAWAY????

Pampers Diapers
COOLPIX camera!
Jewel’s Children’s Books
Wet Wipes

How can you win this?

Share with me:

What are your favorite morning moment is between you and your child?

I will randomly choose a winner on Wednesday, November 21st!!

Can’t wait to hear!!

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  1. This would be an incredible gift package for my 1st child that is expecting her 1st. The most precious moments were the cuddle times in the morning…oh how I miss those times. But now she’ll be able to enjoy cuddle times soon:)

  2. I love getting up with my baby (my 3rd) before everyone gets up and sit with him in his room so that I can nurse him in quiet before the other two get up and the day gets crazy. The house is so quiet and it’s still dark out but then I get a moment with him.

  3. My favorite moment is watching my child wake up and stretch and me being the first person she sees and smiling. Every moment spent with my children are a blessing. So many moments.

  4. My favorite morning moment with my son is picking him up out of the crib. He will cuddle into my neck for a couple of minutes while he is still waking up. I enjoy those couple of minutes of closeness before he jumps around to start his day interacting with the dog, his brothers, etc. This is usually the only cuddling I can get these days and it is a wonderful start to the day.

  5. My favorite moment in the morning is when the kids come into my room and want to snuggle with me. I never want to get out of bed when they come in, and get me all warm and cozy.

  6. My favorite morning moment with my daughter is taking her out if the bassinet and feeding her with her eyes wide open to the sunshine bursting into the room and she gives me her biggest smile! And I realize since she’s only a month old it’s a gas smile and it’s time to change her diaper, but it’s still my favorite morning moment.

  7. My kids are 11 and 8 (with 1 more on the way). I love waking them up in the morning because it is one of the few times they’ll let me kiss, sniff, cuddle, and smother them like i did when they were toddlers without resisting! I know when this 3rd baby comes in the spring, I’ll get my snuggle fill 24-7!

  8. When my kids were still taking bottles, my favorite morning moment was snuggling in the rocker and feeding them. Now it’s those first snuggles and kisses, then watching the two of them sitting on the floor together, sharing a bowl of cheerios. 🙂

  9. I love the mornings we can just wake up and cuddle, and also enjoy taking him for morning walks. He loves walk time!

  10. I love when my son looks up at me from his crib. He loves snuggling with his momma first thing, then we eat breakfast, and read books. I love staying home with him to enjoy these moments everyday.

  11. Beautiful, I love waking up and seeing your pretty face beside me giving me the smile of “good morning mommy”

  12. My son who is now 38yrs old is expecting his first child soon,,an this would be nice for him an his wife,,an when my kids were small,snuggling early in the morning before getting up was our favorite morning thing to do

  13. I have twins that are 15 months old and my favorite morning moment is when they wake up they babble to each other for a while and even laugh at each other, it always makes me smile 🙂

  14. My favorite moment is when my 2 year old daughter wakes up. She has been saying “good morning mama, happy see you”.

  15. When after a bad night of constant waking up and my daughter has finally fallen asleep next to me, and she wakes up and says MAMA and i look at her and see her gorgeous smile and she kisses me as if we didn’t just have a near sleepless night.

  16. My favorite moments with my youngest: every morning after we walk her sisters to the bus stop we get in my bed and snuggle for a few minutes. Ask her about her dreams what we are going to do today. I really cherish this time with her, she is my last baby, and I never got to spend as much one on one time with my older two because they are so course in age. This morning time we spend together before Daddy gets home, and its one of the things I look forward to and am thankful for.

  17. Oh my favorite moments are when my sweet son reaches out to me after waking up with the biggest smile on his face. Those cuddle moments I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

    Mandi Mella
    [email protected]

  18. My favorite is my 1 year old son. Every morning he wakes up smiling and his new thing is he waves and say hi mommy and gives me a big near hug when I get him out of his crib 🙂

  19. I don’t have children yet but I would love to win this for my brother and his wife who are expecting soon! Things have been rather tough lately and this would really make their Christmas just a bit better!

  20. My favorite moment is when my three year old comes into my room all sleepy eyed and asks to crawl in bed with mom &dad. It is always on my side; cherish those morning snuggles!!

  21. This would be perfect for my friend Sue. She expecting her third child….her oldest 13 youngest is 10. I know this would be perfect for her. She is a great person always very thoughtful And giving. My favorite time with my children is when they first wake up in the a.m…look up at me hug me And kiss me….it is the best.

  22. I love mornings with all (4) of my kids, but when the “baby” she’s (15) months wakes up it’s extra special. She whines and wiggles her way over to me and gets right in position to get her “ninny” (I still nurse her ). She will not get out of bed until she’s snuggled and fed in the mornings.

  23. My fav is when my daughter co Ed in and climbs in my bed for morning cuddle before really getting up and getting day started

  24. I love watching my little one waking up and stretching. I love her little smiles in the morning (or anytime!).

  25. I love hearing that little voice say I love you mom, you’re my best mom in the world! The hugs and kisses are pretty good too!

  26. I love when I go into his room and he is standing in his crib smiling. Since I always get him ready in the morning, this is our time together.

  27. I love my morning hugs and snuggles – especially when I can get the older one to join in!

  28. First thing, I hear them talking to each other, quietly. Twin boys that share a bedroom! Thanks for hosting!

  29. My favorite morning moments are when my youngest crawls into bed with me to tell me good morning and give me lots of hugs and kisses.

  30. Having breakfast with them at the kitchen table. I just love sitting with them, listening to their thoughts about what they want to accomplish throughout their day. Their goals, their concerns and fears.

  31. My favorite time is weekend mornings when the kids crawl into my bed and we all snuggle together and talk and laugh 🙂

  32. Sitting on the couch snuggles under our favorite blanket watching Elmo. G drinks her milk and I drink my coffee. Every. Single. Day. <3

  33. I love going and getting my son out of his crib. He is always grumpy when he first wakes but he smiles as soon as I set out his breakfast (sounds like my husband! =) )

  34. I just love all mornings waking Carter up and he is so warm and cuddly! The precious smile always makes my day!

  35. i work during the day and my husband stays home so he gets more of the morning moments. She has started waking up when i leave for work for a goodbye cuddle and nose kisses

  36. I also have a Henry 🙂

    My favorite morning moment is when I go into Henry’s room and he’s holding onto his crib rails and bouncing. It’s adorable. I love that he’s so happy when he wakes up.

  37. Favorite Moments Are The Simplest Pleasures Jumping In Leaves, Buiding A Snowman, Jumping Mud Puddles,Those Moments Are The Moments I Treasure Forever !:)

  38. I am now the proud mother to my 4th boy and last child. So I try to savor every moment, but my favorite moment is the morning diaper change…I put on his music and I sing to him while I change him. He gives me smiles and coos at me. No matter how much sleep I lost last night…this always makes my mornings!

  39. I think the sweetest moments are the moments when you get surprised with a kiss, a hug, or a cuddle. Also whenever my son or daughter are doing something and call for me to help it honestly melts my heart. I love those honest moments where they are in need and the first thing that pops into their minds are to call for mommy (me.) There are so many countless moments that are just inevitably amazing and sweet about being a parent. The laughter, the silliness, the cuddles, all those moments when your baby surprises you with something new they’ve learned or just by simply being cute – those moments are perfect. I wouldn’t change this life for the world and I can’t imagine living life without my babies. <3 Now you've got me all sentimental! I think I'm going to give my babies each an extra squeeze lol.

  40. My son is 6 weeks old. I have him sleeping in a pack and play next to my bed. In the morning I absolutely love waking up and sneeking a peek at my precious son sleeping.

  41. My 18 month old wakes up before my 5 week old and will snuggle for about half an hour. I love that time – it’s like the calm before the storm. And then he’s up and tearing through the house!

  42. This would be awesome to win! My daughter is expecting her first and our first grandchild in January. I loved when she woke up in the morning,the best hugs and cuddles always made my day!!

  43. That’s easy, when they open their eyes to wake up in the morning. At first they try to see where they are and the look of comfort they get when they see you is priceless

  44. My favorite moment for me between my 5 children in the morning is when they all climb/crawl into bed with me. They all tell me what their plans/goals are for the day, at least the ones that can talk . My little 14 month old boy cuddles and rubs my face during the whole conversation . This is what I look forward to every morning. 🙂

  45. My favorite morning moment is when I walk in and see my 2 month old’s eyes staring back at me. As soon as I say good mornin his whole face lights up and he gives me the biggest grin. Melts my heart every time!

  46. My favorite morning moment is when we cuddle under the blankets and talk about what fun things we are going to do for the rest of the day. Some of best conversations are first thing in the morning!

  47. My favorite morning moments are when my kids and I have breakfast together and I see them off to school… If I win this I will be giving this awesome giveaway to my Niece Jillian who is due in Jan. to have her baby boy! tomorrow is her baby shower I’m so excited! Thank you!

  48. My babygirl isn’t born yet but I just love it when I wake up and feel her awake and kicking. I love and look forward to her kicks jabs pokes hiccups and rollovers. I feel so blessed to feel all of this.

  49. My favorite time of the morning is when my son wakes up, smiles at me, and snuggles up with me while I give him a bottle.

  50. Favorite moment is when my daughter first wakes up and sees me she gets a big smile on her face

  51. Tanner: Green and Brown Camouflage with Brown Swirl and Brown Ruffle is the one I would choose!

  52. and my favorite morning with my little girls is Im the first one they see in the morning and seeing their face light up with a smile is my favorite moment!

  53. I’m a new mom to beautiful twin girls and I love every moment with them! Seeing their sweet faces during the early morning feedings make me forget all about how tired I am and I just want to soak up every moment with them. Being a mommy is even better than I ever dreamed it would be!

  54. My favorite morning moments are the smiles on my baby’s face, when my 3 yr old comes running in to my room, looks out the window, and says “mommy, it’s morning!”, and there really aren’t any good morning moments with my oldest lol. He’s not a morning person! I’ve never been a morning person but my boys faces make me happy every morning and I soon forget how much I dislike mornings.

  55. I have a 1 year old little boy and a 6 year old little girl. The little boy wakes up first in the mornings and I just love that when he first wakes up and is so happy and well rested with crazy hair. He just makes me smile. He then wants to wake up his big sister because he loves her so much. They just make life so much better!! 🙂

  56. My favorite moment is when my kids leave for school in the mornings & give me hugs & kisses. Now on the weekends they let me sleep in & than we snuggle on the couch w/ tv or a book & read. We go to Lowes Build N Grow every other Saturday & build together.

  57. I co-sleep with my now 14 month old baby girl. Every morning I am right next to her when she wakes up. And every morning she smiles when she sees me. I love this moment!!

  58. My son is 3.5 weeks old so we are just getting to know each other and just settling into our routine. I love when he wakes to eat and I pick him up and he snuggles into me, and then after he eats when he drifts off to sleep and I catch some sleepy smiles and funny faces. 🙂

  59. Im am 37 weeks pregnant and this would be perfect! My favorite morning moment is waking up and laying in bed and waiting for my little guy to wake up and start moving around in my belly! All I can think about is how he will be here soon and snuggling with me in my arms!

  60. I love going in to see my 16 week old daughter when she first wakes up. There is always a snail on her face when she is greeted by me or my husband.her eyes open wide and she loves looking around. We will put her on her changing pad to be changed and she just continues to smile and laugh. It is an awesome start to my workday considering I just went back 2 weeks ago. Leaving that face isn’t easy but I know she is happy,

  61. My youngest son, Matthew (2 1/2), crawls into bed with me each morning. He places his hands on my cheeks and says, “good morning…i love you too much.” <3

  62. My 10 month baby girl is FULL of morning hugs and kisses and it melts my heart every single morning. I hope this morning ritual never ends!

  63. He loves to surround my bed with his toys and plays me music to get up. We also sit and make coffee together.

  64. Cuddling with my 3 yo when she wakes up and tells me good morning mommy, I love you and then she tells me about her dream, we play for a few minutes then she tells me I’m hungry and I want to watch jake and the neverland pirates

  65. My favorite morning moment is when my son wakes me up from his crib by calling out to me. I always kiss and tickle him then we watch Dora together.

  66. My favorite morning moment with my 15 month old, is waking up with him laying in my arms…and smiling at me. Not a better way to start my day off.

  67. When my little one rolls over in the morning shows me his pearly white and says hi mamma! (I know he sleeps on the bed with me) but I don’t mind 🙂

  68. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait for my sons arrival! The best moment in the morning is when my son starts moving around in my belly. My bf and I have waited each morning for his first movement. This is how we both start our days!

  69. Every morning I wake up to my 10 month old daughter sticking her pacifier in my mouth as if to say “I’m done with it for the night, you can have it!” lol

    Shannon F.

  70. My favorite mornings with the kids are snow days where we have hot chocolate and stay in our pjs!

  71. My favorite moment is when I open my sons bedroom door and he bounces around in his crib because he is so happy to see me!

  72. love to win! our baby #1 is due in february and i can’t wait to make lots of memories with him! 🙂

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