Embassy Suites: More Good Company and One FREE-Night Stay Giveaway

Embassy Suites: More Good Company

Every Thanksgiving we head to Pittsburgh, PA to spend the week with my in-laws. Pittsburgh is a 10-hour drive from Rhode Island, and since we don’t get to see my in-laws too often, we end up trying to spend some extra time there. The tough thing is, as the years have passed… our little family has gotten bigger and bigger. It used to be just me and my husband heading to my in-laws for the holiday, now it’s us plus 4 boys!

That’s right. 6 extra people at my in-laws, all sleeping over.

As much as I know my in-laws LOVE having us, I know after 2-3 days, enough can be enough. My boys are non-stop, they love to go places and do things, it’s not easy to “try” to keep them still. I always feel bad because they love to stay up late during the holidays because they don’t have school and my mother-in-law goes to bed early and wakes up early, so I always worry about disrupting her.

I absolutely love what Embassy Suites it doing right now with their More Good Company campaign!

During the holidays families travel to spend time with their loved ones, and while having everyone under one roof is great, the truth is that the tight quarters can be stressful (ahem!).

Embassy Suites is teaming up with improv comedian Nate Dern of the Upright Citizens Brigade to spread the word that better holidays come with a little space for host AND guest, which I think is absolutely GENIUS!

Embassy Suites and Nate are hitting the road to teach people how to be good holiday company!! Beginning on November 11, Nate started a road trip that will take him across the country from New York City to Denver to visit his parents for Thanksgiving (I can’t complain about 10 hours when I see how long this may take him!).

Along the way, he’ll stop in Washington D.C., Detroit, Chicago and St. Louis to spend an evening with a family in their home and bestow his good guest know-how on them — including one of the most important “good company” tips of all, that staying at a hotel is the key to happy, stress-free holidays.

You’ll be able to keep updated on Nate’s journey through Embassy Suites’ Facebook page and Twitter, with video content, tips and prizes for people who see Nate on the road.

Embassy Suites has an awesome giveaway for me to give to one of my reader’s!!


You can win a free one-night stay at any Embassy Suites location!!

How can you enter?

Share with me YOUR best “good company” tip.

MY BEST “GOOD COMPANY” Tip… Always, always, always help clear the table when dinner is over. There’s nothing like seeing a host take so much time and effort in prepping a delicious meal for guests. It takes a ton of work and effort to do. Be a good guest and help clear and clean the table. It’s a HUGE help for the host, even if they insist you don’t help – do it anyway!! Every little bit helps them!! With my 4 boys, believe me… I would never let anyone clean up after them. So if you’re a mom or dad and traveling with your kids this holiday season, remember to help out as much as you can.

Here are some additional tips:

Tip #1: Bring a hostess gift. Don’t dare arrive empty handed!
Tip #2: Follow your host’s lead. Not everyone texts their way through dinner, so adapt to your surroundings.
Tip #3: Lend a helping hand. Well don’t just sit there, make yourself useful.
Tip #4: Opt for a hotel, and eliminate the stress of a full house. Sometimes you just need to take a breather – thank you, spacious two-room suite hotel room.
Tip #5: Send a hand-written thank you note. It’s as simple as, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Share yours to win!!!

I will choose a winner on Monday, November, 19th.

Good luck!!!

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  1. My best tip is always bring an item whether a side dish or drink. And always help set up and clear dinner a little bit goes a long way, then they will do the same in return when its your turn to host!

  2. Don’t interfere with your host’s schedule, especially if they don’t have time off of work during your visit. If your host needs to be up and getting ready at a certain time, don’t use that time to get up and get ready for the day too. Leave the bathroom clear for them. Always ask upon your arrival and again the night before, what time would it be alright for me to shower in the morning so I don’t make you late for work.

  3. Clean up behind yourself! Help with the dishes, keep the guest room tidy, put your dirty linens in the laundry, etc. Don’t add to your hostess’ stress by being a mess.

  4. Make sure you and your children mind the manners. The host may deal with rude people everyday, having polite well mannered guests is always a welcome site.

  5. Respect the house rules and parenting styles of your hosts. Offer to help with dishes, clean up or the kids while the hostess is busy with preparations. Finally beer, wine and more beer!

  6. Ditto on what everyone has said! Also, if you are staying for multiple days, offer to prepare a meal (advertise it as one of your “specialties”!) or prepare a side dish to compliment the host’s entree. You can even at least order something special from that cool bakery/restaurant the host loves. If not, offer to take everyone out to a brunch/lunch/dinner. Most importantly, do what the host says. If they want you to relax and enjoy yourself, do so! There is nothing more gratifying to a hostess to see their company having a great time!

  7. My best “Good Company” gift is to not overstay your welcome! It’s always the beginning of a meltdown when the guests stay longer than the host thought they were going to!

  8. If you cook, I will clean up! One Thanksgiving at relatives, my husband, MIL and I cleaned up for 3 hours after a dinner for 30 people!

  9. I like to bring a small treat and let them know they don’t have to share 😉 and something else to share with the crowd.

    Spottedjagiwar at yahoo dot com

  10. RSVP. There is nothing ruder than not acknowledging an invite in a timely manner. ‘Thank you so much for the invite but I have a prior engagement’ or ‘We would love to come, what can I bring?!’

  11. Always try to introduce yourself to the company, even if you may not know them it’s always nice to say hello. Although Facebook seems to be except from the rule… never talk Politics 🙂

  12. unless there are kids of the same age that live there, it’s a good idea to bring something to occupy your children so that they don’t wreck your host’s house! I’m not speaking from experience or anything… 😉

  13. Always leave somewhere nicer than it was when you arrived. Show your thankfulness by helping wherever you can! Send them something sweet with a thank you note after you are settled back home.

  14. When I go anywhere I always bring the host a little gift. Typically, if its for dinner a nice centerpiece or a bottle of wine. I always follow the lead of the host. When it’s time to clean up, im up! I wash and put the dishes into the dishwasher and make sure the table is clear before sitting down. If it’s an overnight stay, I always strip the bedding and offer to put new sheets on the bed. Lastly, I always write a thank you note ( if’s its an overnight stay) Thanking the host for a wonderful time! It’s exhausting being a guest in someone else’s home:)

  15. My best tip: correct your own children. If you are staying over for a few days, don’t outstay your welcome by allowing your children to bounce off & write on the walls. Go over proper guest ediquite with your children before hand: please, thank you, yes mame, no sir & all that jazz. Let them me kids, but be mindful that not everyone loves your children as much as you do. Mama3boyz_K_E_O ♥

  16. One of my tips is to come on time. I’ve hosted plenty of family gatherings when the people on appetizer duty don’t come until an hour in and we’re short that food for those who came on time.

    Another tip, if you’re kindly asked to bring something specific, don’t bring something different. One year I had 4 pies for dessert and one side dish… 🙁

  17. My tip is always use your manors and thank the person for having you over for the holidays and see if there is anything you may help them with… What my chuch does for the holidays is my pastor would drive a bus around to find people on the street or at the shelter s or anyone one that needed a meal the pastor would rent out a building and bring the people on the bus to the building and the church would get together and cook holiday dinners for everyone even take out meals to go and we would do this until we ran out it is foos very awesome to serve someone that doesnt have

  18. Bring a gift, a goodie bag filled with kids’ entertainment items and always offer to clean and do dishes.

  19. Instead of bringing a gift, I always leave a great bottle of wine before we head home. It’s a way to say thank you without feeling like she has to open it while we are there.

    She’s mentioned several times that it’s an awesome gift!

  20. My best tip is to always bring a side dish if you are just getting together for dinner, also ask if your should bring your own drinks. If you ate staying the night or a few nights, always clean up. Do not just clean up your stuff,but also clean the area with cleaning wipes as well as sweep. It helps the host not have to clean up after you.

  21. Always pitch in and help any way you can. Clean up any messes you or your kids make. Try and leave their home as it was when you arrived!

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