Daily Diary: Visiting Vera

Daily Diary: Visiting Vera

I haven’t seen Vera since August, which seems crazy since I literally talk to her 10 times a day.

Last time I saw Vera she was 10 weeks pregnant and she had a tiny belly bump.

Fast forward 14 weeks… she’s got the cutest little bump, but she’s on full bedrest. Vera hasn’t been able to be out and about (and her normal self) for the last 7 weeks. We’ve gone back and forth trying to find the perfect weekend to come visit, but there’s always been something for one of us.

Finally we were able to find a weekend that worked – this weekend, which also happened to be her and her husband’s birthday weekend!

Last night… I got to see Vera and her belly in PERSON! Life was as it should be… 🙂

We had a blast laughing and joking and being silly together.

The funniest part, we weren’t here 20 minutes when the power suddenly went out. The kids thought it was AWESOME! The adults were all praying the power would go back on immediately!

Within an hour… everything was back on!

So nice being here… feels like home.

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