Thoughts at turning 60 today…

Thoughts at turning 60…

Oh, how I wish I could magically crawl back into the brain of that little girl me turning 1, 59 years ago today…

I know I’m at my Nana’s house in Boston… standing on her dining room table.  I know this because my uncle still owns that big, old family homestead with the same big, old windows and swinging pantry-to-dining-room door.

The old black-and-white photo gives no clue to the color of my little diaper-exposing dress (Mom?!), but I’ll bet it’s a sparkly shade of pink.  My Mom still loves pink. Poofy sleeves, ruffles and sparkle scream GIRL… as does my one top-of-head-curl.  My Mom has told me that my hair didn’t come in ’til I was approaching one, so poof, ribbons, petticoats and sparkle had to suffice to state my gender.

My little scuffed white bootie-shoes look like I’ve been on-the-go.

There’s the ONE candle rising from the cake or cupcake to forever lock in that moment of 1 year old (precariously close to my shoe,  by the way, Mom!  Geesch!).

But there I am, bow-legged and poofed, standing on top of my Nana’s dining room table, staring at the rest of my birthdays to come.

What was I thinking?

This is what I was thinking.  I’m sure of it.  EVERY, EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY, EVERY DAY TO COMEstanding on tables in diapers or not…


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  1. You do it better than anyone I have ever met. No contest! Happy Birthday my sweet friend! I know you will make this the best birthday ever. xo

  2. I think the curl on the top of the head thing comes standard with most kids, but I’m not sure.

    You make getting older look easy, Sharon. You probably get tired of hearing it, but you truly are an inspiration!

    We love you!

  3. What an amazing Birthday post. I have NEVER met another 60 year old like you. Your zest for life and following through with your bucket list amazes everyone. Happy 60th Birthday to a power house of a friend!

Thoughts at turning 60 today… was last modified: October 6th, 2012 by Sharon Couto