Daily Diary: A Date with my Ben

There was one fashionable thing I realized this weekend… my Ben needed pants.

I did the FULL switch over this weekend and realized 3 things about the pants Ben had:

1. They didn’t fit
2. The hand-me-down from William to Alex to Ben had taken its toll
3. Ben just doesn’t like “squishy” pants

So on Sunday I took him to get some brand new pants! The Children’s Place was having a HUGE sale, so we were able to get him 6 new pairs of pants (that actually fit) for a really great price. Felt so good about it!!

Afterwards, as we started to drive back home, Ben said to me, “Do you have time to get lunch with me, Mom?”

I smiled at him through the rearview mirror and said, “How about Newport Creamery, just you and me!?”

You would have thought I handed him gold. All he wanted was a day alone with his mom… no brothers to compete with for my attention.

We had a blast!! Hotdog and grilled cheese! Hot chocolate! We played tic-tac-toe. We worked on his counting. We devoured sundaes!! We had a wonderful “lunch date,” just the 2 of us.









And the best part… as we were driving in the driveway, I told Ben… “Don’t tell your brothers, this is our little secret! OK!?”

He smiled and nodded his head… just to run into the house and to announce to his brothers where he’d just been! 🙂

Ahh… sometimes I get so busy with work and the house and everything, I often forget just how meaningful it is to be alone with each of my son’s.

It’s a special bonding time that I need to keep doing with each of them as much as I can.

Mommy moments… they’re a beautiful thing.

Daily Diary: A Date with my Ben was last modified: October 15th, 2012 by Audrey McClelland
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Daily Diary: A Date with my Ben was last modified: October 15th, 2012 by Audrey McClelland