Tea Collection HUGE Hit at Fashion Forward Conference (and with Henry)

Tea Collection HUGE Hit at Fashion Forward Conference (and with Henry)

I’ll never forget buying my very first Tea Collection item. It was a gorgeous cozy sweater for my son William and I had him wear it ALL the time. Every single time he had it on, someone commented as to how beautiful it was. As soon as he grew out of it, it went to Alex, then Ben and then Henry. That’s how much I loved this sweater. And truth be told, it’s up in my attic in a very special bin of clothing that I have have decided to keep for sentimental reasons. It just was that much of a staple in our lives.

So… needless to say, I love Tea Collection.

When they came aboard as a sponsor for our Fashion Forward Conference, I was ECSTATIC!!

It’s what they stand for and bring to kids’ fashion that I love and appreciate as a mom and as a lover of all things fashion-related.

Travel opens our hearts and minds. The clothing we create at Tea transforms the foreign world into a smaller, friendlier and more familiar place. We believe that we bring a little bit of that world home to you.

Everything we create – our products, images, words and ideas – is inspired by going there and being here. And by our passion for exploring different cultures. We are awed by the unique beauty and diversity of people around the world. As we celebrate and share our discoveries, it reminds us how small the world is and how alike we all are.
– Emily Meyer, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

How amazing is that!?

Tea Collection featured their gorgeous fashions and styles in our Fashion Forward Kids Fashion Show… and my Henry got to wear them!! He looked SO adorable in the fashions!! The browns and the oranges were perfect for him!! He looked super sweet and super handsome.

I just loved Henry’s outfit.

It was cool.
It was sophisticated for a little guy.
It was trendy.
And it was something he could wear to many different kinds of occasions/events.

Tea Collection does it again! 🙂

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  1. Hi Audrey, it was such a pleasure meeting and working with you on Wednesday. You look gorgeous in this pic with your son. Can I put it in my website gallery?
    Evy Drew

  2. We founded Tea in 2002 in San Francisco with 3 beautiful, pima cotton baby sweaters. Inspired by classic Asian styles and colors, we had the vision of bringing a fusion of worldwide cultures and modern design to children’s fashion.