Target’s Back-to-School/Fall Electronics

It’s Back-to-School time!

My 3 oldest sons started school on August 29th and my youngest son started today!

We’re absolutely back in the school time mode!

As the kids are getting back into the full routine of school, as their mom, it’s my job to make sure we have all the tools to keep them in that mode through the rest of the school year. I love that Target has all the Fall Electronic needs to fill our house with what will help keep my guys at the head of the class!

Soleil Moon Frye is helping to set up moms and their kids for a Successful School Year as
Target’s mommy ambassador! She’s sharing her (very) helpful tips along with the best electronics and apps for families falling back into the school year routine.

What are her tips?

Out with the old, in with new
It’s great to start the year off fresh. Whether you’re donating old books to a cause that’s close to the heart or, for the tech-savvy, trading in your old gadget for a newer version, make sure to upgrade to the latest and greatest. For me, my iPhone keeps me organized thanks to great apps like Evernote. I swear it keeps all of my friends and family on schedule!

Stock up on supplies

Make sure your kids have everything they need to tackle their homework and projects. Keep the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator handy for tough math problems, one at home and one for the kids’ school bag. When it comes to printing homework or scanning photos for a collage, the Epson Stylus printer with WiFi connectivity ($34.99) is the perfect fit for any space.

Stay in tune

Back to school season doesn’t just mean homework! Whether it’s the weekend or just time for a break, my family and I love to dance together. A portable sound system like the Soundfreaq Sound Kick Docking Station ($99.99) is the perfect device for playing our favorite songs! You can also play any audio from your mobile devices to enhance your mobile audio experience for music, movies, TV shows, videos, games, internet radio and apps.

Be resourceful
Keep the Apple iPad ($829.99) on hand for anything and everything. There are some great educational websites, such as National Geographic Kids that your kids will love. Also, it always helps to have internet access when studying. Two of my favorite apps, Chegg FlashCards and Little Speller, are fun and easy tools to help kids prep for quizzes and tests.

Gadgets for the little ones!

For the kids that aren’t starting school just yet, the Nintendo 3DS ($169.99) is the perfect on-the-go device for educational games and helps younger kids stay entertained while their siblings are spending time on homework. The Polaroid 300 Instant Camera ($69.99) prints pictures instantly so younger siblings can create photo projects while the older kids are at school.

Personally speaking… we have 3 electronics that have helped us already. We have the Nintendo 3DS, NOOK and iPad… which we got all from Target. The best part for me about them all?

Nintendo 3DS… My sons LOVE playing games! I actually have been using the Nintendo 3DS not only for educational games, but when my sons have completed their homework, I allow them to play for a designated amount of time. It’s a great way to keep them motivated (especially when the weather still feels like summer!) and to keep them busy playing games that they’re learning from when the play.

NOOK… I LOVE the NOOK for my oldest son. He’s a HUGE reader and he’s been having a blast downloading books and reading them. It’s super easy for him to keep a little “William Library!” right on his device. He gets so excited and feels so grown up when I have him read to his brothers while we’re driving in the car with his NOOK. The colors and the graphics on the NOOK are sensational!

iPad… This is the biggest hit among all the boys! I use my iPad all the time, but I also let the boys use it to play games and to watch various movies. It’s perfect when we’re on-the-go waiting for after-school activities or waiting for William to finish up swim practice. I love that I can customize it specifically for me and the boys. It’s absolutely a MOM MUST HAVE!

I love that I can get all these electronics right at Target. It’s super easy and convenient… another thing I need during this busy time of year!

Target’s Back-to-School/Fall Electronics was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Target’s Back-to-School/Fall Electronics was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland