Mom Fashion Alert: Top 10 Best Fall Fashions for Moms

Mom Fashion Alert: Top 10 Best Fall Fashions for Moms

It’s FALL!

Oh, yes… FALL is here and it’s FABULOUS!

I personally love the fashions in the Fall. They’re super cozy. They’re super chic. They’re super gorgeous. They’re super colorful.

Living in New England, I love seeing the leaves change and really having that chill in the air come on in. My Fall fashion-sense reflects the changing of the season and I’ve always had a lot of fun with it.

So what are some of the best trends for Fall?

I’m going to share with you the Top 10 Best Fall Fashions for Moms. I wanted to find things that are perfect for moms. Items that can easily be worn (regardless of shape and size). Items that can be used throughout the season multiple times. Items that are extremely versatile. And items that will be CHIC and TRENDY.

1) LACE – And I don’t mean just for intimates! Dresses, shirts and skirts. Delicate touches are perfect for the Fall.

2) Colored Denim – Oh, you’ve seen these everywhere! Gold, red, blue, green… you name it! You have to score a pair of colored denim for the Fall!

3) Green Jacket – I’m telling you, I LOVE this trend! It’s so fabulous and bright and bold and gorgeous!

4) STUDS – And I don’t mean the guy kind! 🙂 Studs on shoes! They’re everywhere!! It’s a rocker chic trend, but you can find very subtle touches or very bold ones! Whatever feasts your fancy!

5) Sequin Sheath – We all need to dress up here and there in the Fall and going into the Holiday season. Glitz and Glam are hot hot hot right now! Grab a sequin sheath! A sheath works on any body type!

6) Bold Crewnecks – I love bold and bright colors on sweaters. This season make it fun and add some bold colors into your wardrobe through some sweaters!

7) Leather Touches – Regardless if it’s on skirts or dresses or tops… leather touches are hot this season! I have to admit, I LOVE this trend! It’s cool and sophisticated!

8) Black Riding Boot – Classic and polished! They’re back and better than ever! GRAB A PAIR or take yours out!

9) GOLD JEWELRY – Jazz it up with some gorgeous GOLD accented jewelry! You can’t go wrong!

10) FUNKY Watches – I love a good watch, and I love how this Fall season you can really have some fun with accessories. Find a watch that is different and unique. Perfect add on to an outfit for some DAZZLE-ment!

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  1. I would LOVE a green coat, but I already feel like I have too many coats. Can a girl ever have to many coats though? Especially when she lives in the frigid Northeast…

    Well, I have a purple wool coat that I snagged from the GAP a few years back. Too bad purple wasn’t the “in” color.

    I love the colored denim, but I am having personal problems with it. I tell the tale here…