Celebrating the launch of ASTRA (YourNeighborhoodToyStore.org)

As a mom of 4 little boys, I’m always interested in learning more about the best toys on the market and where to find them. It’s funny, when you become a mom… you instantly need to become a researcher too for your kids, especially when it comes to things they want and that they play with all the time.

I am honored and excited to share the launch of a new site that I’m working with that will literally become a must-visit destination online for all parents: YourNeighborhoodToyStore.org.

The new site it a one-stop resource that connects parents with local toy stores, specialty toy makers and industry experts.

It’s literally right around this time of year that I start getting the “Mom, I would love Santa to bring me… “, so it’s amazing to have a resource that I can go to to ask questions and find what I absolutely must-get! 🙂

It’s the mission that I just adore… “Help parents discover the ‘woohoo factor’- or the delight, the joy and the excitement of finding and playing with today’s best toys!

And when you head over to YourNeighborhoodToyStore.org, you’ll see everything that is offered for parents.

You’ll get featured articles with expert advice on toys and play for children of all ages!

You’ll get up-to-date information on creative and educational play and toy trends!

You’ll get a handy toy locator with information on where to find the best toys in your neighborhood!

You’ll get a local toy-related events calendar!

You’ll get information on all the benefits of shopping local!

You’ll get a toy buying guide by age, including a section for children with disabilities.

I appreciate a resource like this for moms and dads (and anyone buying for a child!) because it truly helps. With so much out there, it’s nice to have one spot to go to for what you need, especially when it has to do with our children.

Definitely check it out! You’ll love for the upcoming holidays!

Disclosure: Participating in a sponsored post by ASTRA and being compensated.

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  1. You can tell the kids that Santa is soooo busy delivering toys to kids homes, that he has asked you to help get toys together for the kids that don’t have homes and a special helper of Santa’s will deliver the toys to them.