An “Awwwk”, magic ripples and a little girl at Mile-8 of my LONG Training Run

Mile-8 of my L-O-N-G training runs, week 4…

Three weeks ago, during a 15-mile L-O-N-G Monday training run with Runner’s World Challenge for the Marine Corps Marathon, I had a “Mile-8″ experience with a local police officer offering a little levity to a “Ma’am”… that would be me.

Two weeks ago, during a 12-mile L-O-N-G Monday training run, I had a “Mile-8″ experience with an older gentleman offering a little advice to a “Young Lady”… that would be me.

Last week, at Mile-8 of 16 miles, I had a “Honey” of an experience.  “Honey” would be me.

Today, as I headed out on an 18-miler (let’s face it, there’s not much else on your mind but running when you’re running 18), I didn’t give Mile-8 a thought.  I was thinking more like run 5, run 8, run 5.  Or run 5, run 10, run 3.  Or more like just run, Sharon, until my sweetheart Endomondo calls out 18, when I then kiss the ground I’m running on.

I started off with a very good 5-miler through my local park, ending up back home where I had water stashed on my back porch.  I was then going to run 8 or 10 miles through my beautiful downtown, past the harbor and toward our local university, but I changed my mind at the last second and headed back to the park via a sunny, well-traveled back road.  Ah, it was nice… a different view of the harbor with lots of fishermen with their fishing rods, enjoying the lovely cool New England morning.

I ran along under the morning, almost-Autumn sun, past the Bristol Yacht Club and into the park on a long, shady road with mooing cows and beautiful horses on each side.  I was happy that this path kind of chose me today.

Miles 6 and 7 came and went as I ran along the winding paths of the park and out to a spectacular view of Narragansett Bay.

When I thought that Mile-8 must be near, I remembered MILE-8!  But as I looked around, I saw walkers here, bike riders there, a runner approaching, kite-fliers on the hill, a school or day camp field-trip over yonder… but no Mile-8 peeps to note.  I reached for my cell phone to check my Endomondo miles.  7.80 miles.

That’s when I heard the “Awwwk” sound and the delightful laughter of a little girl with her Mom.  They were watching a bird, maybe a cormorant, dunking its head and then emerging somewhere else in magical water ripples.

I had to stop to watch for myself the magic. I was drawn to it by the delight of the little girl, whose Mom was equally mesmerized. I took a few moments from almost Mile-8 to take this short video…



I realized that on this week’s “Mile-8” of my L-O-N-G run that it was all about the universe, the gifts of nature and a child who didn’t know who was walking, biking, running, kite-flying or field-tripping.  The playful bird was all she needed to know.  All her Mom needed to know.  All I needed to know…

A police officer.
An elderly gentleman.
A husband.
A playful bird, magic ripples and a little girl.

Young lady.

Mile-8 never ceases to amaze and entertain!  (Right, Renee Ross and Lorraine Sanabria Robertson?)

An “Awwwk”, magic ripples and a little girl at Mile-8 of my LONG Training Run was last modified: August 1st, 2017 by Sharon Couto
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An “Awwwk”, magic ripples and a little girl at Mile-8 of my LONG Training Run was last modified: August 1st, 2017 by Sharon Couto