Flying with Kids Cross Country

I’ve done it about 4 times and it’s not easy. OK – I’m going to be mad real with you right now. It’s actually really, really tough to do – especially if you’re doing it alone (which only happened once with me). Flying with kids cross country. Mama mia, even just typing it makes me smile when I think back! Our first time flying cross country was with the 4 boys (before Victoria) to Los Angeles! It was something I was dreading!

Flying with Kids Cross Country

Flying with Kids

We recently just came home from our Los Angeles trip where we went to Disneyland. It was our first trip cross country and flying with kids, and to be honest… I knew the flight could be a hit or a miss. I was nervous for it, so I prepped as much as I could stocking the boys’ backpacks with goodies and games and activities to keep us them occupied for a good 6 hours airborne and then an additional 3 waiting around the airports.

Flying with Kids – I was ready and armed. I knew I needed to be ready. I wanted to make sure the kids were settled and I wanted to make sure the kids were going to be fine. I know that I’m not a huge flyer, so I wanted to make sure that the kids are OK.

Flying with Kids

Flying with Kids

Here are some things to do with your child while flying cross country. Make sure you take everything into account. You want to make sure you have all your t’s crossed and i’s dotted.

1. UNO

2. Hangman

3. Madlibs

4. Go Fish

5. Rocks, Paper, Scissors

6. WAR (with a deck of cards)

7. 20 Questions Game

8. Build on Drawing Project – everyone adds a little something to the drawing

9. Nintendo DS (oh, yes)

10. NOOKCOLOR – Books that read aloud (with headphones)

11. LEGO sets

12. Etch a Sketch

13. LOTS of coloring books

14. LeapPad Games

15. BOOKS (real ones)

16. Portable DVD Player

17. Sticker Books

18. Chat about the upcoming trip!

If you’re taking a car – here’s some Road trip games for the kids.

Check out some of the airlines that work with you and make kids flying feel special! Southwest is one!

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