Louis Vuitton Pillow

Louis Vuitton Pillow – I dream about Louis Vuitton enough where they should really come out with a pillow! I mean – there must be millions of women everywhere that dream of Louis Vuitton! Think about bringing a Louis Vuitton Pillow into fruition into your life. I mean. Just stop and think about it for a second.

Louis Vuitton Pillow

It’s got a god ring to it, right? A fabulous, luxurious pillow that would make every single woman and man out there swoon. I know (if I could) I would add a pillow in every single room in my house!!

Well… I have to do with what I’ve got right now!

My little Henry – after a VERY long day walking around NYC. On the way home on the subway, he crashed in my lap… on Louis! Now usually my Louis Vuitton is off limits to the boys. I mean – they can look, but they can’t touch. It’s MY Louis. I call it my daughter since I don’t have one yet!! So we turned my Louis into a pillow!

Louis Vuitton Pillow for Henry

Usually my husband scoffs at my LV obsession. I mean – he doesn’t get it at all, but I’m obsessed! Here’s just another reason to justify my Louis Vuitton obsession… sorry honey!!

Louis Vuitton Pillow

Love it!

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