Downy Infusions Event with the Elle Style Coalition

Tonight I attended a wonderful “summer soiree” in NYC with Elle Style Coalition and Downy Infusions.

I’ve professed my love before for Downy on my blog, and literally – laundry does not get done in my house without my Downy Unstopables. They are my go-to for every load. They add such a freshness, it’s a simple in wash scent booster that keeps active wear, towels, and other fabrics smelling simply amazing! I always joke around with my husband that our laundry isn’t actually clean unless is smells clean! 🙂

But tonight was all about one of my new Downy obsessions… Downy Infusions.

I LOVE the idea behind Downy Infusions! The Downy Simple Pleasures you know and love have become Downy Infusions to give you a scent experience so fresh, it’s unforgettable. You’ll remember the days you wear it.

Inspired by a woman’s desire to surround herself with accessible luxury, Downy Infusions, which are Liquid Fabric Softeners, give a woman a new luxurious experience for her clothing. Downy Infusions feature a selection of long-lasting, sophisticated multi-layered fragrances in elegant and gorgeous packaging inspired by designer fabrics that provide a true premium scent experience.

There are 6 customized scents… Honey Flower, Lavender Serenity, Orchid Allure, Spice Blossom, Citrus Spice and Sage Jasmine. They can be paired with Downy Unstopables beads for an even longer lasting freshness! Downy created a new scent of Downy Unstopables Shimmer that works beautifully with Honey Flower Downy Infusions! The scent is INCREDIBLE!!

What I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED about the Downy Infusions Event tonight was that I actually got to learn about the science and what goes into creating the scents of Downy Infusions. It’s an amazing process and it was so much fun to hear, learn and smell about it! No joke, we got to actually smell different scents, it was so much fun!

The packaging of the Downy Infusions, up close and personal are awesome! They’re absolutely fashionable. It’s the meeting of scent and fashion and it’s very cool… very luxurious!

Not to mention I got it spend the evening with one of my favorite blogger’s… my mother!

I’m telling you, I can’t wait to get home and try my Unstopables with my Infusions! It excites me to provide for me and my family some luxury. It can be as easy as washing with delicious scents, it’s nice to have something so accessible!

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  1. Now, something new for me to try! I do love providing fresh and wonderful smelling laundry for my household and for my children. I remember how much it meant to me when my own mother did it for us 7 girls when I was young. She used liquid Downy in the wash and hung our sheets out to dry on the line. When we came in from school in the Spring or from play in the summer, our rooms would smell so wonderful and fresh. I can’t wait to try this.

  2. Oh Tonia, you big tease! You’ve left me hanging now. How eicntxig is my life that a story on someone’s washing machine would have me so intrigued! Just lucky I like you so much that I’m willing to hang around for the next episode! LOL I have the same problem sometimes, so I’ll be looking forward to hearing what it is.Anne xx

  3. I would love to try your new product. How can I get a sample? hugs, Lorraine

  4. Would like to try any samples love how our clothes smell and how soft from softner!!!!

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Downy Infusions Event with the Elle Style Coalition was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland