What does Red, White and Blue mean to YOU? #TideFlag

I have had the distinct pleasure over the last 2 months in working with Tide on their “My Story. Our Flag.” Project.

“What does red, white and blue mean to you?”

This was the question Tide wanted to know from you.

I always immediately think of our dear friend Dimitri Gavriel, a true American hero who sacrificed himself for this country.

When I think of red, white and blue I think of bravery and passion and guts and glory.  I think of all the people before me who sacrificed for these beautiful colors.  I think of the strong women who stood up and fought for these inspirational colors.  I think of my grandfather and my grandfather before him who believed in these colors, just as I do.  I think of my sons, who even at the young ages of 4, 5, 6  and 7, know that these colors are to be honored and cherished and respected.

Red, white and blue means something different to everyone, yet… in a beautiful way, they mean the same thing.  We all think of a certain someone or somebodies when we think of red, white and blue.  It never ceases to amaze me the power that these 3 simple colors exude.

And now with the Olympic Games only a couple of weeks away, these colors will take on a whole different kind of meaning.  The meaning of dedication and devotion and determination.  I cannot wait for the Games to begin and to start wearing my red, white and blue pride!

In an effort to help inspire Team USA, Tide unveiled a larger-than-life, 6,000 sq ft artistic rendition of the American Flag. The flag was created using more than 1,000 real Americans’ stories of what the red, white and blue meant to them.   On July 3rd, actress, singer and star of SMASH – KATHARINE MCPHEE helped unveil the flag with a special patriotic performance at Bryant Park.
The spirit of the “My Story. Our Flag” will live on through the London 2012 Olympic Games. People wishing to inspire Team USA with their story can submit what “red, white and blue means to them” via the app labeled “Join Our Flag” on Tide’s Facebook page or by tweeting their story using the hashtag #TideFlag.

This has been such an incredible experience for me.

Thank you so much to Tide for shining the red, white and blue brighter and bolder!

What does Red, White and Blue mean to YOU? #TideFlag was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by admin
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What does Red, White and Blue mean to YOU? #TideFlag was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by admin