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When I first moved to NYC in 2000, my first day was at Donna Karan International. I had the (very) cool opportunity to work as Donna Karan’s personal assistant (there were 4 of us) right out of college, and then spent the next few years bouncing around the company in different capacities.

My first day of work was in August 2000. I remember I had to help pack Donna Karan’s bags for a summer vacation. I couldn’t get over the amount of white clothing we were packing. After packing for a bit, I mentioned something to one of her other assistant’s about it and she looked at me (confused like why I was asking this) and said, “It’s summer white season.”

Hmmm… summer white season? I never got that fashion memo before.

Let’s put it this way, I was quickly schooled. The summertime meant a lot (and a lot!) of summer whites. Personally, I LOVE it. I think that wearing white in the summer is a perfect summer classic look!

Are you into summer whites??

Here’s 5 Items of Summer Whites you NEED:

1. White Jeans

White jeans are a total staple for the summer. They can be worn with ANYTHING! I mean, anything. I love wearing tees and tanks with them because it dresses them up from just say… normal jeans. If you’re going to invest in a pair, it doesn’t matter if you go for capris or regular jeans! They’re FABULOUS!

2. Little White Dress

If you love a Little Black Dress, you’re going to love a Little White Dress. I’m ALL about the LWD in the summer. Wear to the pool. Wear out to dinner. Wear to the grocery store. This is a perfect buy because you’ll get a TON if use out of it!

3. White Blouse

If you’re looking for something to toss on real quickly, you need a white blouse. I love the option of this blouse because it’s amazingly versatile.

4. White Skirt

A fabulous option for adding white into your life! I love a white skirt on the pool deck, on the beach, at a restaurant, etc. And again… anything goes with it!

5. White Sweater

It DOES get chilly (sometimes) in the summer. A quick cover-up is something you need. I love a white sweater to pop on. You can even wrap it around your shoulders for added fun. 🙂

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  1. I love your Donna Karan packing story. I always admire white…winter white, summer whites, but it is as if any pen, food, drink, etc. is drawn to me when I wear it. I do love the items you show, esp. the skirt, blouse and sweater. I’ve learned rather quickly that layering in Colorado is a must. Except for summer, that sweater would start our day, it would be peeled off in the mid-day and put back on when the sun goes down.

  2. love the little white dress!! way more comfortable during the hot summer than a little black dress…which i have a bazillion of!

  3. I have never owned a pair of white pants. They scare me. I have bad luck when it comes to me and white so i figure if I avoid it I am safe LOL Now skirts, dresses and shirts I love in white. There’s something so refreshing about a crisp clean white shirt.