Robert Verdi’s Fall Sunglasses will Launch on HSN next Wednesday!!

I am a GIGANTIC Robert Verdi fan!

I’ve had the pleasure meeting Robert multiple times over the last few years and he is always so funny, so fashionable and so kind! I ADORE his Live Twitter parties right at his loft and always have a blast attending and meeting new people there!

As many of you know, Robert is known for his sunglasses. Every time I’ve seen him, he always has a pair on his head. He’s known for his trademark look wearing sunglasses on top of his bald head, and I love it! So… when I heard he was launching a sunglasses line for HSN, it just made 100% perfect sense! Robert knows fashion. Robert knows sunglasses. A perfect match.

And I was SUPER excited to get word that his fall line will be launching on HSN next Wednesday!!

Robert will bring his fall sunglass collection to HSN with a variety of frame styles, unique colors and prints; all for under $40. The collection includes an exciting assortment from a true tastemaker, featuring both current and upcoming trends.

I asked Robert why it was important for a mom to make sure she added sunglasses as part of her must-have accessories.

“Sunglasses are an instant pick me up for every mom, they are the ultimate glamorous accessory and can make your sweatpants feel like an evening gown.”

I love that!!

Here’s a sneak peek as to what will be launching on Wednesday night on HSN!!

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