Day 2: Runner’s World Challenge – Marine Corps Marathon

Training for the 10/28/12 Marine Corps Marathon with the Runner’s World Challenge…

Day 2:  My Runner’s World Challenge Break 5:00 Marathon Plan said to run 3 easy miles today at a “comfortable, conversational pace.”

But all I could remember today is that song  – MAMA SAID by THE SHIRELLES.  You know the one… Mama said there’ll be days like this. “There’ll be days like this,” my mama said.

My day like this was wonderful, but very busy.  First, my husband and I had been watching 4 of our grandsons, ages 4, 5, 6 & 7, since early Sunday morning while our daughter Audrey and her husband were out of town.  These 3 full days were full… full of fun, full of love, full of activities like the beach, the pool, a swim meet, a movie, baseball in the back yard, basketball in the driveway, coloring, singing, dancing, and of course, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and ice-cream treats. This fullness lasted ’til 5:00 pm today.


My day like this was also wrapped in the busy joy of getting ready for our youngest daughter, Jane’s, wedding… this Saturday (hair appointments, dress fittings, manicures/pedicures and the like), and a breakfast reception at our home on Sunday (this means I have to clean our home!).

Double phew.

Oh, and my day like this is also enveloped in having just recently moved to a new home (the one I must clean before Sunday).

Triple phew.

There was no possible way to fit in my 3 miles this morning (I love morning runs) with a 7:45 swim meet warm-up for 3 of the 4 boys.  Or this afternoon.  Which left this evening to get in my run.

But by the time Barry and I had dropped off the boys to their Mom and Dad, I realized that all I had eaten all day were a bagel, a handful of potato chips, a couple of strawberries and an iced coffee.  So what did Barry and I grab to eat?  Lobster rolls and a beer.  Yup.

Then my 3-mile run.

At 6:55 pm.

It was a beautiful evening with a light breeze and the sun beginning to set when I hit the bike path behind our new home (one of the greatest perks of this home).  Barry joined me, walking, as I set out on running my 3 miles.

Now this is where I remembered there’ll be days like this.  You know those lobster rolls and beer?  Yup.  I didn’t know whether to belch, barf or blubber like a baby.  But I kept running.  This Challenge means the world to me.  It really does.  My goal, my dream, is to Break that 5:00 Marathon and I wasn’t gonna ditch out of Day 2.

No way.  No how.  No matter what mama said.

So I kept on; as comfortably as I could with that crustacean rolling around in my stomach and that beer slurping its way to the top as I conversed with myself, “Please, no.  Please, no.  Please, no.”

Then I spotted Barry at almost 3 miles.  Not a mirage.  But Barry, waiting for me at the path to our back yard…

Don’t let the smile fool ya here.  It wasn’t for that run.  It was for Barry.  For the completion of those 3 miles.  For the Challenge.  For Day 2… with no belching, no barfing or blubbering like a baby.

Now onto Day 3, with a little better preparation.

Yup.  Mama said.








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  1. Oh, Sharon, I love this—your lobster roll is one reason I hate to run at night—all those foods to think about while I’m trying to think about one foot in front of the other!

    Good for you for getting it done and yay for having such a supportive coach! Just think about next week and how quiet your schedule will seem!

  2. Thank you for your inspiration, fun and support! Yes, next week will be, like WHAT!?

Day 2: Runner’s World Challenge – Marine Corps Marathon was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Sharon Couto