Teaching my sister how to create a smokey eye

My P&G everyday resolution today is teaching my younger sister how to create a smokey eye (all on her own).

Ever since we were little girls, we’ve “experimented” with makeup on each other. I’ll never forget the time my mother came upstairs to find me and Jane in her bathroom with red lipstick all over our lips. I had played “makeup artist” and told Jane to sit still while I made her “beautiful”. I used eye shadows and lipstick and blushes and foundations all over her face. It was a blast! My mother tried not to be horrified, but I used so much red lipstick on Jane’s lips that it literally stayed on for a good 2-3 days. It was so funny!

As I’ve gotten older, my love for makeup and beauty products hasn’t changed. It’s actually become more and more of a passion for me. I love to “make my face up” with makeup and feel beautiful. It’s funny seeing my son’s faces when they see me come downstairs all made up. It’s an empowering feeling to hear them say to me, “You look pretty, Mommy!” I’ve gotten a lot better at it since the days of being 10 years old and trying to practice on my 8 year old sister.

I’ve just always been enthralled with makeup.

Fast forward to present day. Here I am 34 years old, with a 31 year old sister, who has been begging me to teach her to do a smokey eye.

I hate to admit this, but I get so busy with the boys and work and everything else in my life that I never actually get to connect with my sister and just be silly girls again with makeup. Every time we’re together, the boys are with me and we’re usually jetting off to something all together. The last thing we have time to do is sit in my bathroom playing with new makeup products and colors.

I’m CHANGING this today.

I’m setting up a time to teach my sister my “”perfect” smokey eye. It’s all she wants me to teach her, so I’m carving the time NOW, and we’ve made a date to do makeup!

I never, ever, ever leave the house without my eyes done. I have perfected a smokey eye for myself, for day time wear, that my sister loves. She (literally) has been asking me for months to teach her how to do it. I keep telling her it’s super easy, but she wants me to show her. And truthfully? I can’t wait! I crave an afternoon of laughs and sisterhood with some makeup.

COVERGIRL® makes the best eye makeup, which makes creating a smokey eye just that much easier. I told my sister she needs to have these products ready for me:

COVERGIRL’s® Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows in Urban Basics – I love this Collection because the colors are paired together perfectly to create a bold look. The shades work to create a layered look to give you that perfect smokey eye. This will help me show her how to create an easy daytime smokey eye.

COVERGIRL’s® Smoky Shadow Blast in Silver Sky – This creates a super easy smoky eye look with the 2 different tones and tips. It’s very user-friendly and works perfectly with paired shades. This will help me show her how to create an easy smokey eye for nighttime wear. I’ve even had some combining the 2 products for an enhanced smokey eye! 🙂

I’m excited to spend an afternoon with my sister acting like girls again. Makeup does a pretty incredible job at bonding people, and I know we’ll have a fun afternoon of smokey eye lessons and laughter.

This will inspire us to create more and more special sister time together, too!

Is there something you’ve been meaning to do with someone in your life? Even something as simple as creating a smokey eye with your sister?

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Teaching my sister how to create a smokey eye was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Teaching my sister how to create a smokey eye was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland