P&G everyday Resolution: Reading every night with my sons

My P&G everyday resolution today is to read at night with the boys.

I’m committing to reading every single night, especially with summer upon us and school being out.

I’m going to admit this and I’m not proud of myself for it. At the beginning of the school year, we were reading every night with the boys. William, Alexander, Benjamin and Henry would all pick out a book and then everyone would pile into my bed and away we’d go! It was always so much fun because everyone’s book was different and everyone was excited about reading time.

I think we read “Where the Wild Things Are” about 1000 times, and the magic of the book never lost its luster. My sons still laughed out loud at the same parts and still asked me to reread the same pages over and over again for full effect.

Reading time was our time.

And then schedules and work and business of life just took over, and we stopped doing it every night. And then I just sort of let it stop all together.

We haven’t done one of our reading nights in a very long time and it just bothers me so much. As every mom knows, there are (of course) those nights where you’re running late and you just need to get the kids in bed because it’s way past their bedtime. But even on nights like that, I’d still like to fit one book in.

When I was a little girl, my mom would read to me and my sister for 30 minutes before bed. We did that bedtime ritual for years and years. Still at 34 years old, I am calmed and relaxed and comforted when I bring a book to bed. I absolutely want this for my sons. I just need to get myself back into the routine and not let anything stand in the way.

As I’ve been thinking about ways to keep our reading before bed going and not let anything get in the way, I’ve come up with some 3 things that will make it easier for us:

1. I’ve set up bookshelves in the boys’ rooms and filled them with books. Having the books one reach away will be very convenient for us.
2. I joined the Summer Reading Club at our local library for all of the boys. Every book they read, they get a sticker. They must read 25 books by the end of the summer (for their predetermined level).
3. I bought star stickers and hung a “Reading Calendar” in our kitchen. Every morning we’ll place a sticker on the day they read, the goal being to fill the whole calendar with stars.

I’m excited for this! I’m excited for my sons. I’m excited for an activity that we’re going to do together every night. And I’m excited that they’ll be learning.

This was a tough post to write because I’m sad that I’ve let this go… thank you P&G everyday for giving me the opportunity to get going again with something so special and important to me.

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