P&G everyday Resolution: Mystery Trips for the Boys

One of my friends does this and I think it’s the coolest thing ever… Mystery trips with her kids!

This is going to be one of my P&G everyday resolutions!

Last summer, I saw my friend post on Facebook that tomorrow was one of her Mystery Trips with her kids. She plans a trip (sometimes a day trip or sometimes a weekend trip) and doesn’t tell her kids where they are going. It’s a HUGE surprise and all along the way, her kids try and guess. She said it’s always, always, always the most amazing trip because it’s such an incredible surprise for her family!

I love this idea.

I wanted to do this last summer, but I’m going to be boldly honest here – I kept meaning to do it and I kept using the same we’re-just-so busy excuse. That’s not fair to do to my sons, they’re not the ones that are busy and I’m making the resolution right now, on this very day, to plan a surprise trip for the boys! Since my sons are on the young side, I know I’m kind of limited as to what exactly we can do. I want to do something that all the boys can enjoy and do together. Going to a place like a water park or an amusement park is out of the question because the boys would all be interested to go on different rides/try different things. I really want to find something that we can all do together, not all divided up. I also want to find a place that is within driving distance and only up to 3 hours away (my boys cannot handle a driving surprise that’s too long!).

I’ve come up with 3 potential ideas for this summer:

Ferry ride over to Martha’s Vineyard and spend the day on the island fishing, at the beach and eating Ice Cream!
Spend the weekend in North Conway, NH and take advantage of all the fun summer activities this town has to offer!
A day of fishing in Cape Cod. My sons LOVE to fish, but we’ve only done it in Rhode Island. I found a family-friendly charter boat that takes the family out.

I feel like I couldn’t go wrong with any one of these options.

The reason why this is so important for me to make this a resolution is because I want to create memories for the boys. I want them to look back years from now and say, “You remember when mom took us on that fun surprise trip?” It makes me smile just thinking about something like that. I know memories are made everywhere, but I must admit, because of the job that I have as a “digital mom”, when we’re home, I’m often working a ton. I always have my iPhone attached to me and it’s something that the boys have just truly grown up seeing and thinking is “normal.” But (and this is a big but!), I know how important it is to spend quality family time with the boys without work. That’s more important and essential and sacred than anything, so this is a reason why I love the idea of this resolution even more.

I know it’s something we’ll continue as a McClelland tradition.

Thank you to my friend for the inspiration!

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P&G everyday Resolution: Mystery Trips for the Boys was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by admin