My P&G everyday Resolution for today? Wear something BOLD!

Wear something BOLD!

There’s a little “fashion secret” I have… I don’t wear anything that’s too bold. Which basically means, I stay away from yellows and bright pinks and oranges and reds. I’ve always gravitated towards greens, blues, purples, blacks, browns and charcoals. Those colors are very much in my fashion-comfort zone.

As a lover of all things fashion, and as someone who studies trends and styles with each season and blogs about them, it’s ironic that I don’t take full advantage of fashion boldness.

I’m making the P&G everyday resolution to change that — today.

I’m bringing in the boldness and the beauty of some gorgeous vibrant colors!

Since tangerine is the color of 2012, I thought… why not!? I saw a beautiful baby doll silk dress last week and I loved it. I left the store and kept thinking about it the whole afternoon. I was kicking myself for not just scooping it up, right then and there on the spot. I let 4 days go by… and then I went back. I said to myself, “If it’s still there in your size, it’s meant to be. If it’s not, then it wasn’t meant to be.”

There the dress was in my perfect size.

I’m making the resolution to bring more bold colors into my wardrobe. Happy colors! I can’t tell you how many people commented on the dress when my husband and I were out together. It’s a gorgeous color that attracts people and it made me realize just how important color is to add into my personal wardrobe.

It’s not a resolution that’s going to change the world, but it did inspire me. It made my sons look at me and say, “You look beautiful!” That’s something I loved to hear from them.

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My P&G everyday Resolution for today? Wear something BOLD! was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland
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My P&G everyday Resolution for today? Wear something BOLD! was last modified: July 10th, 2015 by Audrey McClelland