Jane & Brian’s Wedding Countdown – 14 Days!

Wedding Countdown – 14 Days and Counting…

Jane & Brian’s Love Story began in Warren, Rhode Island, on a hot August night in 2009, with a 5-mile run with the Red Rooster Ramble.  It was Jane’s first run with the Ramble and Brian’s… oh, countless number.

It was, as they say, destiny.

The Story of the Rest of Their Lives Together will also begin in Warren, two weeks from today, at a beautiful little church with lovely stained glass windows and a stately little steeple…

I love the way the two peaks of the church come together as one, holding the steeple that rises toward heaven… like a little Love Story itself.

I love the lovely little town where the church sits, waiting for the celebration and sacrament of Jane & Brian’s Wedding Ceremony.

I love the love that Jane & Brian share with each other… and all they encounter.

I love the anticipation of the happiest, most joyful day of their lives.

14 Days and Counting!





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  1. I can’t wait to share in all the pictures. I am so excited for Jane and Brian. It will be a perfect day. No doubt! xoxo