Good Wife, Bad Wife

Barry is the best lunch maker in the world.

He can take a leftover, any leftover, and make it sing.  Chicken, salmon, scrod, a hamburger, pasta of any kind, egg salad, greens… add bread, some tomatoes, maybe a few olives, always a nice piece of fruit and lots of love.

Barry was taught by the best, NanaFlo.

Barry looks forward to lunch.  Why wouldn’t he?

So this morning, as Barry was pulling out of our driveway, I saw that he had left his lunch on our back porch…

Fortunately, I already had on my running clothes and shoes as I picked up the bag, tore out the back door, up the driveway… but oh, no! he had taken a right onto Hope Street and was quickly pulling away.

I sprinted up Hope Street (the main street in our town, by the way, with lots of traffic and people in cars), cell phone in one hand and the lunch bag flying in the other.  I was hoping that Barry would catch me in his rear view mirror.

Good Wife!

He didn’t see me.

I kept running.  Running.  Trying to call him… dialing with my left hand.  No, this ain’t gonna work.

Oh, for the love of lunch.

I kept sprinting.  I’m not giving up now.  Doesn’t everyone run with a bagged lunch down Hope Street in the morning?

Good Wives do.

Finally, I could see that Barry was pulling over. Yes!  He came to a stop, zipped down the passenger side window and quizzically looked at me.

“Honey,” I panted.  “You – forgot – your – lunch.”  I handed him the bag.

A cute little smile came across Barry’s mouth and his eyes twinkled with Good Wife love.

“You made me a lunch?” he asked.

“What?” I panted.  “This isn’t your lunch?”

“No,” Barry answered.  Then he smiled and offered, “It must be one of the painters’ lunch!”

I opened the bag.

Nope, this isn’t Barry’s lunch.

Nope, I didn’t make Barry a lunch.

Bad Wife.

We both burst into laughter, mine a panting laughter.

Then I blew Barry a kiss and took off, sprinting back home with my cell phone in one hand and stolen lunch in the other.

I put the stolen lunch back on our back porch… no one the wiser for the lunch adventure.  (Really, though, I did tell the painter the stolen lunch story!)

Good lunch.  Good laugh!




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  1. Thanks, Nancy and Jen. You should have seen me sneaking back into my own home with the stolen lunch! Our painter, Steve, did get a kick out of it when I told him the story… and even said that I should have just given it to Barry!

  2. Thanks, Rhonda! I’m thinking of you as you so wonderfully help out your Mom each day with breakfasts and lunches… xo!

  3. HA! Oh my! Every morning I remind my husband to take the lunch I packed for him and it’s such a habit, that occasionally in my half awake state, I remind him on Saturdays! LOL

Good Wife, Bad Wife was last modified: June 20th, 2012 by Sharon Couto