Garden Fairy Magic

How to add magic to a Garden…

Something magical happened yesterday.

One of those magical things that come from lovely people and Angels… and Fairies.

This is not a long story, but rather a journey story of how angels visit us and sometimes steer us to people who feel the same way about things.  In this case, our Dads.  Both Angels.

A couple of years ago, I met Leslie through my daughter-in-law Nicole, through their two daughters, one being my granddaughter Taylor,  who were in the same class together at school.  It was at a party at Keith & Nicole’s home that Leslie and I talked about things that people talk about, and we soon discovered that Barry and I knew her Dad very well.  We had taught school with Leslie’s Dad for many, many years.  We both remember Leslie’s Dad as one of the most kind, thoughtful, smart, caring, helpful teachers… in my 30 years of teaching, there were not many to compare.

I remember students telling me that they wish every teacher was as good as Mr. Kelly.

Mr. Kelly knew just about everything about everything.  A Renaissance Man.

I could feel the love that Leslie had for her Dad.  It reminded me so very, very much of how I feel about my own Dad… how kind and smart and thoughtful and how I miss him every single day.  Just like Leslie.

The journey brings me to yesterday.  Nicole, Keith and the kids had stopped by for a visit, and Nicole had a special gift from Leslie for our new home…

A Garden Shadow Fairy

A lovely Garden Shadow Fairy… inviting the most Magic & Enchantment the world and heaven has to offer!

The sun was shining so beautifully.  I brought our Shadow Fairy to the Japanese Maple tree that my Mom sits under every time she comes to visit us… as she reads and listens and watches and delights in our grandkids and granddogs romp in our new yard.  This is my Mom’s greatest joy.

The Shadow Fairy went immediately about her work… inviting glorious shadows that danced on the tree, changing magically as the sun went about her work, too.

My favorite moment was when the Shadow Fairy created a shadow of her touching the nose of a tiny Fairy… just like my Mom does to her great-grandchildren!

The lovely gift from Leslie has found a home in our big back yard…

… and even on cloudy days like today, I am drawn outside to look at her, to marvel at her, to love her as she dances and makes her magic under that Japanese Maple, reminding us that the sun will return.  She always does.

I thank Leslie from my heart for thinking of us in such a lovely way in our new home.  I thank Leslie for giving us a piece of Mr. Kelly’s heart right here in our yard… an Angel, with my own Dad.  I thank Leslie for making my Mom’s pretty little spot even more fun and fanciful and pretty.

And I thank Leslie for magical things that come from lovely people and Angels… and Fairies.






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  1. Such a touching post Sharon! That is the perfect spot for your shadow fairy. I can see Miss Rita enjoying her. Mr. Kelly sounds like he was an exceptional man.

Garden Fairy Magic was last modified: June 4th, 2012 by Sharon Couto