A P&G Everyday Resolution about Grandmothers that makes me smile

“Thank you, Mom” P&G Campaign and Resolutions to give back…

Yesterday, very early in the morning, I headed to Audrey’s home to watch 3 of her 4 boys while she headed to Boston for a television segment and Matt chaperoned William’s 1st-grade field trip.

It was an unusually cold June morning, and I, quite uncharacteristically, had forgotten to throw a jacket in my car (*but more about this later).

But as I walked into the side door of the McClelland home, my feeling of cold turned quickly to the warmest warmth ever. I could hear William, Alex, Ben and Henry leaping from their breakfast… little feet running in my direction and little voices shouting, “Grandma’s here! Grandma’s here!”

Withing seconds, 8 warm little arms were embracing me.  I was Queen of the World.

Or, to them, Grandma!

There’s nothing quite like this Grandma thing.  Uncountable words have been written about it, spoken about it, felt about it, used to name it.  Memories are made with it.  Wisdom is learned from it.  Love is defined by it.

I remember my Nana (my Mom’s Mom) and my Grandma (my Dad’s Mom) and the love they had for me… like some abstract miracle that became concrete.  Real.  Eternally plucked from wherever, whenever I need it.  Even now. Grandmother love is that powerful.

So on this very morning, today, I was serendipitously delighted to turn on my computer and find a post written by Audrey, a P&G Everyday Resolution post, written about her grandmothers… my Mom and Barry’s Mom, and the great love and impact these two wonderful ladies have had on her life.  We are blessed to have my Mom, Rita, still a very happy, vibrant part of our lives… and Audrey has resolved to call her GrandmaRita at least once a week, to chat, listen, laugh and love.

Life with 4 kids and all of their activities… and being a Mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a worker, and a granddaughter is a day-full.  But keeping in touch with grandparents is right up there with sharing life’s blessings.  Grandparents are the ones who love to listen, smile the easiest, transcend patience and transmit wisdom.  I think the listening is the most blessed part.  Grandparents listen with love… the been there, done that, have-the-wisdom-to-know-how-it’s-gonna-play-out-but-know-it’s-gotta-be-experienced kind of love and listening.

My Mom is the greatest listener.  It’s a great, great gift.  I hope some day my own children can say this about me.

I love Audrey’s P&G Everyday Resolution today…  to call Grandma Rita often. I know my Mom will love it, too.

*But back to the cold morning and the jacket.  This does tie in.  Believe me!

Yesterday morning, after the initial delightfully warm grandkids’ hugs, the inside-the-house chill of the morning set into my bones.  I barely mentioned being chilly when 5-year old Benjamin came running with what he called, “Mommy’s warm jacket!”

For me to wear.  What a little darling.

As I put the jacket on, I saw the words Thank you, MomP&G’s Olympic Partnership Campaign slogan that recognizes and celebrates the moms behind the athletes by thanking moms for all they do, and is a part of P&G’s worldwide partnership with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It is the biggest campaign in P&G’s 174-year history and will run through the end of the Olympic Games.

I put Mommy’s warm jacket on.

I played with Audrey’s kids for a few hours.

Audrey came home.  She commented on how much she loves her Thank you, Mom jacket.

We chatted.  I hugged and kissed the boys.

I drove off with the jacket still on.

I went to lunch in downtown Providence to celebrate Barry’s 64th birthday with some special people…


I just HAD to drop in a photo of the banner I strung across our front door yesterday morning!

My daughter-in-law Nicole was there and commented on how much she loves the Thank you, Mom jacket and how much she loves the message.

Two waitresses commented on the jacket and how much they love the message.

I headed off to a lighting supply store after lunch and the salesman asked about the Thank you, Mom jacket and where he could get one.

I stopped to grab a take-out coffee and the cashier saw the Thank you, Mom message and asked about the jacket.

I became a sort-of Thank you, Mom ambassador yesterday… just going about my life.  People see the slogan and it immediately resonates.  Moms behind athletes.  Moms behind any child.  Moms with arms to embrace, words to encourage and soothe and inspire, wisdom to impart, eyes to show love and teach respect for others and oneself, ears to listen…

I thought a lot about my own Mom yesterday as I wore that jacket.  I thought about how she followed my Navy Dad from state to state, always making sure her 3 kids had swimming lessons, Brownies and Cub Scouts, and a library to visit.  I thought about her Mom and my Dad’s Mom… both young widows who lived for their children.

I thought about my late mother-in-law Flo, especially because it was her son’s birthday. I thought about how much Flo loved her 3 sons and how she gave everything she had in love and spirit and hard, hard work.  I thought about her taking in laundry and taking in sewing to pay for music lessons or to buy a basketball or baseball glove, and figure out a way to pay college tuition.

I thought about how these women, these Moms, loved, listened, disciplined when necessary and focused and inspired their children to dream.

I am blessed to have my Mom in my life.  My children are blessed to have my Mom in their lives.  My grandchildren are blessed to have my Mom in their lives.

And Audrey’s P&G Resolution to make those delightfully unexpected calls to my Mom in the middle of the week or on a Saturday or Sunday morning will mean the world to her.  It’s that one-on-one time.

Listening time.

Loving time.

Thank you time.

It’s sometimes as easy as a phone call.

For all Moms and Grandmothers are.

Oh… do I have to give the jacket back to Audrey?

The jacket, and my smile, tell it all!












A P&G Everyday Resolution about Grandmothers that makes me smile was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Sharon Couto
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  1. I have missed your writing so much the past few weeks. I don’t care how busy I get or what emergency we have going on, I will make time to read your posts. I love them and you so much!!

A P&G Everyday Resolution about Grandmothers that makes me smile was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Sharon Couto