Discovering Flower Songs in my New Yard

Flowers are the music of the ground…

There’s something magical, and musical even, about discovering flowers in a new place.

Today, the flowers in my yard were singing their melodies, and I was listening.

(OK. I have been preoccupied with indoor plumbing and drenching rain.  But that, I think, makes the flowers sing that much louder for attention. Yes?)

Anyway, these little songs are what I stopped to listen to this very morning…

The Japanese Poppies, bowing and elegantly humming as they celebrate a new morning.  Gregorian Chant…

One, though, raises its bright orange head with its furry little hat and SINGS to the sun.  Oh, how it made me smile with its celebration. And maybe even a bit of rebellion ~ party-rocking LMFAO style?  Sexy and ya know it!

Lilacs.  Rows and rows of Lilacs, beautiful in the morning shade.  Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony No. 6…


And more Peonies.  Everywhere I look, Peonies are like little children in school just waiting for the last bell to ring.  Mary Had a Little Lamb…

There is more melody and harmony in our new yard than I could ever have imagined.  Barry and I first looked at this home back in September, when everything began its rest for the Fall and Winter.

Our new neighbor to the left has told us of her dear friend who owned the home before the people we bought it from… a friend who loved gardening and fruit trees and flowers and loved the gifts they bring.

Our neighbor has told us of how much of her friend’s trees were cut down and the gardens demolished by the new people… but the earth has a way of keeping its songs and secrets.

Kind of rebellious.  One voice.  Then two.  Then a million in harmony.  The flowers return.

I like to think of the little Japanese Poppy with it furry hat this way… ready to burst with a song of joy.

Ah… Discovering Flower Songs in my New Yard!

Discovering Flower Songs in my New Yard was last modified: May 11th, 2012 by Sharon Couto
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Discovering Flower Songs in my New Yard was last modified: May 11th, 2012 by Sharon Couto