A Bug-Eating, Butt-Crunching Mother’s Day Bike Ride

When wishes come true…

There’s this Bike Path that abuts our property…

It begins about a half mile to our left toward our little downtown and goes right about 15miles all the way to downtown Providence.

Barry and I have been riding this Bike Path for decades.  When our kids were  young, we lived two towns over, toward Providence, and spent lots of time with our kids on the Bike Path.  It’s built on an old railroad route that takes riders on a journey that hugs quaint little towns, a beautiful bay, some winds and turns and places to stop for ice cream, lemonade, a sandwich or maybe even a bathroom run.

My memories go way back.  Way back to when we first allowed Keith and Adam to venture on their own bikes with us on the Bike Path.  Barry first.  Keith and Adam next.  Me with Audrey (in one of those humungous orange molded-plastic, belted child things) on the back of my bike.

And Janie all nestled inside me, coming along for the ride.  Janie was due in November, so she spent lots of time during the Summer of 1980 hearing my heart pound, from the inside, with the exercise and excitement.  I even remember asking my obstetrician if I should be biking so often, and his answer was a resounding YES!

We spent so much time on the Bike Path, often riding through the most magnificent Colt State Park, stopping to sit on the rocks or green, green grass or to skim stones in the bay.

I often thought how wonderful it would be to own one of the homes along the Path that lead to the Bike Path.  No more packing the bikes into the car to get to the Bike Path itself, or maneuvering the bike rack that never seemed to work perfectly. What a wish it was.

Well, I got my wish.

And yesterday, on Mother’s Day, with my now all-grown up Janie… we rolled our bikes along my new yard to the little path, our path, that leads to the Bike Path right from our yard…

Janie and I rode for just about an hour on an early morning, glorious Bug-Eating, Butt-Crunching (I haven’t yet unpacked my bike shorts with the awesome padding!) Mother’s Day Bike Ride!

This bike ride was a combination of everything wonderful in life… the wonder of yesterdays, the magic of todays and the hope of tomorrows.  With my Janie.  On Mother’s Day.

Wishes do come true. 

Right in our own back yard!

Oh, the fun we’re going to have with our 9 grandkids…



A Bug-Eating, Butt-Crunching Mother’s Day Bike Ride was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Sharon Couto
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  1. That sounds like the perfect start to your Mother’s Day. How fun to have that path right in your backyard. I have to ride a good half mile or so to get to ours.

  2. How amazing to have it right in your own backyard. Our bike path is around the block from our house, so it makes it nice too. Hope the bugs were tasty…ooh yuck!

A Bug-Eating, Butt-Crunching Mother’s Day Bike Ride was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Sharon Couto