Ohanarama – and as a Grandma, I’m on this technology train! (AND GIVEAWAY!!)

As grandparents, lets’s hop aboard the technology “play” train with OHANARAMA…

When I was a child in the 50’s, I played with pull toys and chime pull toys (very technologically advanced!), toy soldiers and cowboys (I have 2 brothers) and dolls.

When I was 6 or 7, I got a Chatty Cathy doll for my birthday.  I still remember pulling the little ring cord from the back of her neck and hearing her TALK.  This was almost miraculous to a little girl.

I also remember, one Christmas, my brothers got one of those hockey games where the players move by pulling and pushing the levers attached to the guys.  I thought we landed in the Jetsons!

My own children played with play “sets” with lots of little characters, and these sets had ropes and pulleys and even elevators that made them seem real.  Oh, and then there were the little cameras and radios and toys that clicked and had moveable “real” parts.  Whoa!

As both a child and a Mom, I had lots of board games, puzzles, card games and the like to play with and to use to interact with my kids, but physical presence was absolutely necessary.  My Nana (Massachusetts) and Grandma (Michigan) lived thousands of miles from my family in California and therefore I don’t ever remember playing games with them.  Friends played with friends in person, and parents and grandparents also played with their kids in person, in real life.  That was the model.

As a Grandma, I watch my 9 grandkids (ages 3 – 11) play electronic games and interact with “communities” on this big, wide, vast invention we call Social Networking… things I never, ever imagined, and I am both tentative and thrilled with the opportunities they have at their fingertips.

But tentative was the operative word until I was introduced to OHANARAMA, where kids can actually play games (including challenging educational games!), send messages and interact with close or far-away friends and family in a safe environment.  I cannot say it better than Parents’ Choice:  “By tapping into the popularity of social networking, but avoiding the pitfalls and dangers for kids, Ohanarama provides a safe and entertaining haven for friends and family to connect across the miles.”

I am very fortunate to live within 15 miles of my 3 families of grandchildren, but even then it’s difficult to get together in person as often as I’d like.  Ohanarama gives us the opportunity to play age-appropriate family games in a much larger, modern, technologically perfected way.  I can only imagine the wonder it brings to grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins and friends who live far away.  I can only imagine what my Nana and Grandma would say if they could see me now!

Ohanarama has been described as a safe, secure “Facebook for Families”… inviting only the people you want. I like that, and so do parents, teachers, parent organizations and professional review sites everywhere.  But most important, I LIKE it.  I am a real Grandma with real grandkids for whom technology has given us great gifts, and Ohanarama is one such gift!

Ohanarama’s awesome (oh, I love this word) video chat even allows kids to play and to see each other and US older folks in real time.  It’s the new version of in person.

Hello?  This IS the Jetsons!

Family.  Friends. Sharing.  Fun.  And as a retired English/Reading teacher, even sneak in all the educational components to the Ohanarama games.  (Did I mention that content conforms to the National Council of Teachers of both Mathematics & English Standards?)  I LIKE it. Actually, I LOVE it!

I’ll leave you with this thought.  Jane Hoffer, Ohanarama Co-Founder, CEO and mother of three writes about the enjoyment and fun that comes from the Ohanarama virtual play dates.  Can you just imagine explaining this virtual concept to anyone 60 years ago… 30 years ago… even 10 years ago!?  Well, now I know that the technology is here, and I’m on this technology train with my grandkids and loving every minute of it!

GIVEAWAY: I’m so excited to be able to be offering a giveaway!! You could win a $75 Gift Card to Ohanarama’s partner company Barefoot Books!!

How can you win this??


Just leave me a comment telling me what your favorite game is and WHY!!

Bonus entries — LIKE Ohanarama on Facebook and let me know you did!

A winner will be randomly selected on Monday, March 12th at 5PM (EST). Good luck!!

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  1. I ‘LIKED’ it on Facebook and will share with my sisters. I have 2 sisters and between us we have 8 children. We spend the entire summer together at the beach, but during the year it can be hard to get the kids together with sports schedules and such – they miss each other terribly. Now the cousins can virtually play together whenever they wish. We will have to get Nana on board too, that will be harder! LOVE IT and thanks for sharing.

  2. can’t wait to check it out with my 6yo and his grandparents spread around the country. Looks awesome!

  3. Trivial Pursuit – I don’t know why but I love that game. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I like to play dominoes. It is a game I’ve played with my parents since I was little and is always fun.

  5. My favorite game is Scrabble because sometimes it can be quite challeging!

    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  6. My favorite game is Rummikub! Why? Because I usually kick the hubby’s butt playing it 🙂

  7. Our favorite family game is scrabble, because it promotes vocabulary and thinking

  8. My favorite game is Mario Party, we used to play it all the time on the N64. It’s not your typical video “mario” game, it’s more like a board game with mini games and it’s so much fun! Great for the whole family.

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  9. Growing up my sisters and I loved playing Monopoly, it’s just one of those classic games that never get old. =)

  10. My favorite game is monopoly and thats because im a master player.

    i follow on facebook

  11. I have always loved the game of life because you can always make it different.

  12. I like Scrabble because it can be a real challenge and my family loves to compete against eachother.

  13. I love scrabble and tetris.I have to have games that make me use my mind.Thanks!

  14. I liked Ohanarama on FB as Leslie Luke Stanziani.Thanks!

  15. There are so many great games on this site! I think my youngest son would like playing Pirate Poop Deck Peril because he get to shoot a cannon and gets more shots by solving equations.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  16. my favorite game is sequence.its a thinking game and my whole family loves it

  17. Fav. game is monopoly. It is so because I grew up as a kid playing it and loved it. Now our kids are too!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

Ohanarama – and as a Grandma, I’m on this technology train! (AND GIVEAWAY!!) was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by admin