Daily Diary: What I Never (ever) Thought I’d Be Doing Someday

When I first found out I was pregnant with a boy back in May of 2004, I was ECSTATIC! I was hoping for a boy because I wanted to have a little version of Matt! LOL… truly, I remember writing that in my journal back then. I started to fill his little wardrobe with blue shirts and sweaters and boots and hats and overalls. It was a blast for me!

And then came the gift that really made it sink in that I was having a boy… someone bought us a package of sports equipment, baby sized. There was a basketball, a football, a baseball and bat, a hockey stick and a soccer ball. Woah, NELLY! I remember thinking, I better adapt myself to a boy-lifestyle fast because my husband is a sports fanatic and I knew I didn’t want to be left in the dust.

Well… let’s fast forward 7 1/2 years and the addition of 3 more sons. My life revolves around boy sports and boy things. And I LOVE it. I really, really do. As much as I would love a little tutu hanging in a closet, I’ve adapted to this boy-world like a fish to water (I think).

Since Matt’s still in recovery mode, he can’t be throwing or tossing or kicking or wrestling with the boys for still a few more weeks. So guess who has stepped up to the plate? This mama. William LOVES to play football in the backyard with Matt, but obviously yesterday he couldn’t… so he asked me to step in. He was a little annoyed with me (putting it lightly), but we got a little groove going for a good 30 minutes or so!

You know, sometimes you just have to take one for the team. Right, Matty?

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  1. You are such a great mom and wife. Taking the positive out of this, maybe you can join in some football games in the future. BTW, I will be looking to you to teach me how to adapt to the boy lifestyle. I’ve been spoiled with a girl for the past 3.1 years.