A Grandson with a Heart of Hearts…

Everyone is surrounded with hearts.

Hearts float around us in people, in words, in gestures and in things.

But not everyone sees them, feels them or acknowledges them.

My 6-year old grandson Alex is one of the people who has the gift to find hearts just about everywhere, and in everyone and everything.  Alex loves people.  Audrey has said from the moment Alex was born that he loves life.  He’s happy to be alive.  He finds joy, excitement, laughter and love in every single moment.

Alex finds hearts.  And hearts find him.  Hearts seem to land on him.

This past week, with Matt in the hospital and Audrey caring for him, I spent lots of time with Alex.  He attends afternoon Kindergarten, so he was home with me each morning while his 3 brothers were off to 1st grade or pre-school.  We had time to talk, to play, to build railroads, to cook, to clean, to fold laundry, to download new Apps on my cell phone, to read, to play Webkinz and to eat together.

It was in the eating that the hearts really seemed to make their magic… or where Alex found them,  saw them, felt them, acknowledged them…

A potato chip
A donut gift from Auntie Janie
A peanut butter & jelly sandwich

Yes, I think it’s a true gift to see the hearts that surround us and find absolute delight in them… and Alex’s heart is wide open to receive all the hearts that come his way.

But the best part of all is the happiness, the giving, the perfection of sharing his heart and all these hearts that come his way.   Alex was born with the lesson of sharing this great joy.  It’s deep in his own heart.

We all have this gift.  We just have to open our HEARTS to discover the magic and wonder of people, things and life itself!








A Grandson with a Heart of Hearts… was last modified: February 7th, 2012 by Sharon Couto
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A Grandson with a Heart of Hearts… was last modified: February 7th, 2012 by Sharon Couto