William’s Must-Have: The Safe Sporter from Kid Basix

William has ONE essential for his lunch every single day…

… his rel=”nofollow” Safe Sporter by Kid Basix.

When we first received the Safe Sporter in the mail, William called “dibs” on it, which I was happy about because I’ve been looking for something for his lunch. I thought this would be the most perfect addition, and I was happy to think he thought it would be, too. I never review anything until I’ve gotten to see it in use for an extended period of time, but I’ll tell you what – I could have written this review in October when we got it!

It’s perfect! The Safe Sporter fits great in William’s lunch pack…

… and it’s light enough (even filled up) where it’s not too much for him to travel to school with.

But there’s so much more I love about it! Much more. I think what I love the most was reading this on the Kid Basix site…

A 16 ounce bottle of water costs about $2.00. It costs a quarter penny to fill up our 16 ounce Safe Sporter™ water bottle.

It really puts everything into perspective. It’s true, it gets so expensive buying water bottles. I love being able to reuse, reuse and reuse again.

There’s a Mud Cap… this keeps the spout super clean when it’s closed, and clicks easily against the back of the bottle when it’s time to drink. The Pull spout… I love it because it’s super easy for William to open and close. The Mouth of the Sporter… it’s wide enough where I can pop in ice cubes, it’s perfect! The Body… it’s single-walled, antimicrobial and food-grade stainless steel. The Sleeve (red in William’s case)… provides insulation and a easy grip for his hands. The Coaster… right on the bottom, protects against dents and makes it easy to fit into standard cup holders.

I’m BEYOND happy with William’s Safe Sporter. I also love that I can pop it in my dishwasher and wash it easily (I always put it on the top rack).

I’m really satisfied with it. If you’re looking for a fabulous, reusable water bottle – look no further!

Disclosure: We were sent the Safe Sporter for review.

William’s Must-Have: The Safe Sporter from Kid Basix was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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  1. One big question – Does it leak? I have always put water in my kids lunch, but they always end up leaking. The only ones that seems to work are Sigs and they can get heavy. I also like the drink spout because I fear that a removable lid will invariably get lost or left at the lunch table. I think I will need to try this out. Thanks!

William’s Must-Have: The Safe Sporter from Kid Basix was last modified: July 19th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland