Daily Diary: Why I HATE Waking Up Late

This morning we ALL woke up late.

I mean, like… William needs to be at school at 8:30AM and I rolled over to see the numbers 8:13AM staring back at me.

Talk about being in an instant-fast-forward mode, not fun for a Wednesday morning, not fun at all.  I know we hardly ever let this happen, but when it does – man, it totally messes up my morning.

Funny thing is… it’s like a mom-joke. The mornings we would kill to have the kids sleep-in, they’re up at 5AM. Yet – the mornings we needed the early wake up call, everyone’s sound asleep, not even budging.

This is Why I HATE walking up late:

1.  Coffee is not ready quick enough to make the mad-dash any better, yes… even with a Keurig (that’s how late we were today.)

2. It always happens to be the morning that Henry and Ben suddenly “don’t want to go to school” and end up throwing a fit about even getting dresses.

3. Breakfast ends up being a piece of toast for the boys – loaded with butter and sugar and cinnamon to try to “make up for the lack of breakfast.”

4. And … as always … the kid shoes aren’t where they’re supposed to be. Ha ha ha… 🙂

5.  When I go to give the boys a kids a kiss good-bye, Ben tells me, “I like not brushing my teeth in the morning.”

6. By the time I sit down to do work, I realize it’s way past the start of the Today Show… there’s just something happy and calming about waking up with Matt Lauer.

7. Now it’s 10:30AM and I still am sitting here in my pajamas, bun on my head and slippers on my feet. Oh, man.

8. Starting the day with the beds unmade and the kids pajamas tossed all over the floor upstairs… UGH!

Note to self: SET the alarm and STICK to it.


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