The Biggest Miracles come from Giving…

Awhile ago, on the day my family celebrated NanaFlo’s 91st birthday… even though NanaFlo was already an Angel… my oldest granddaughter, Taylor, came to the party with a gift for Barry and me.

It was a gift of a small glass egg and a lovely note

The Birthday Egg

What amazed me on that evening is that Taylor was following in the tradition of NanaFlo herself about GIVING.  This is what I wrote about the small glass egg…

But what amazed me almost speechless at our little birthday dinner last night was a little gift to Barry and me from our oldest grandchild, Taylor. It is a lovely glass egg with lovely yellow “grass” inside, and inside the yellow grass are lovely bubbles. I know Taylor has a special bond with NanaFlo. Taylor is NanaFlo’s first great-grandchild and Nana longed for this gift of children of children of children. (Little did NanaFlo know that within 7 years of Taylor she would gather a little brood of 15 marvelous gifts of great-grandchildren… 3 girls and then 12 boys in a row!) But what I didn’t think Taylor was old enough to remember is that Flo often came to a party, a dinner, an event or a holiday… and especially at her own birthday celebration… with gifts for everyone else. These gifts were things that Flo loved… things like teapots and trinkets and costume jewelry and photographs and photo albums filled with wonderful photos. Gifts. Gifts that I came to cherish. Gifts from her home and from her heart. Taylor had taken the time to write a lovely message and poem to NanaFlo, and to find something on this 91st birthday of NanaFlo’s to make Barry and me happy. Flo came to that little party right through Taylor, with her gift and her gift of yellow.

Taylor has learned from NanaFlo (who died when Taylor was just 7 years old) and from the universe that GIVING is the way of life. The way of happiness.  The way of God.

Taylor has learned from the universe that GIVING brings back more than anyone could ever imagine or explain… and most times we don’t know to whom it returns but we just keep on giving.

GIVING brings friendship.  GIVING brings love.  GIVING brings JOY.  GIVING multiplies the bounty of the earth for everyone.

Yes, GIVING multiplies the bounty of this glorious earth of ours.  For everyone.

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me that wandering around in a little upstairs room of a cluttered little vintage shop in Stockbridge, Massachusetts this past weekend, I found this

It was covered with a thin veil of dust… but its beauty captured me immediately and I saw the bounty of Taylor in that big egg. I saw NanaFlo.  I saw GIVING in that glass of more swirling glass of glass and brilliant yellows.

I see people hugging in the swirling glass rising up from the yellow.

I see NanaFlo.  I see Angels.  I see God.

I see that one simple gesture of GIVING on a special night awhile ago brought this BIGGER Miracle of a bounty of an EGG!

GIVING multiplies bounty.  Even in a gift of a glass egg.

I can’t wait to give this EGG to Taylor.  I can’t wait for her to see that, yes, GIVING from the heart returns the bounty 2-fold.  1,000,000-fold.  Beyond imagination-fold.  BIG EGG-fold…

Giving brings BOUNTY... every single time!

You just never know when the Miracles will return and to whom… and you just keep on GIVING!

(But every once-in-awhile it returns in something like a big egg!)









The Biggest Miracles come from Giving… was last modified: December 21st, 2011 by Sharon Couto
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The Biggest Miracles come from Giving… was last modified: December 21st, 2011 by Sharon Couto