Looking for Stylish Rainboots? Check out Maniera Boots!

I don’t know how it’s been where you live, but here in Rhode Island… over the last few months, we had some days of rain.  I mean, RAIN.  I’m not talking a sprinkling, I’m talking a downpour… !

When it rains, I always get asked to recommend some fabulous rain boots.

Well, I have a great one for you!  Let me introduce you to… Maniera Boots.

We’re talking uber-stylish, fabulously fabulous, exquisite quality and amazing fit.

You know what intrigues me the most about Maniera Boots?

It’s the simple fact that they care about their products…

Maniera Boots USA launched in North America in 2011. We have been in the global handmade rubber boot business since 1935. Our company relies on the world-renowned expertise of our rubber technicians and our skilled development engineers; our boots also couldn¿t be made without the loving craftsmanship of the people who assemble each boot by hand. All of this expertise keeps us at the forefront of quality stylish footwear. In 2008, to further this commitment to crafting the highest quality, PVC free, hand-made rubber boots, we opened a state of the art rubber boot factory in Europe. Our retail customers have recognized this facility as the finest in the world which puts us right at the forefront of world-class boot making.

I just love knowing the “back”story, and then connecting the dots with the current product.

From the second I got my boots in the mail, I loved them.  I’m one of those people who will not write about a product until I have had the time to be able to actually put the product in use.

With my Rockalls

… I’ve been to the park, to school, to the grocery store, to NYC, to the mall, to Pittsburgh, etc! I wanted to see if these “babies” lived up to the quality test, and they sure do!

First off, I love that the Rockalls have faux fur inside the boot, it makes it ultra-comfy! Your foot literally just slides right in and stays warm and toasty. I also love the fashionable look. My little nieces are in love with these boots, they think they’re so cool looking. With the lace-ups, I’m also able to make it as tight or as loose as I want to go, you usually don’t get that in a rain boot. And I love love love that it’s 100% PVC free, that speaks volumes for me!

I’m very satisfied with these boots, and thoroughly recommend! There’s also tons of other gorgeous options on Maniera boots, too!

So… believe it or not, start wishing for rain! 🙂

Looking for Stylish Rainboots? Check out Maniera Boots! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland
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Looking for Stylish Rainboots? Check out Maniera Boots! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Audrey McClelland