Ann Taylor and Magical Bridal Moments

Yesterday was a magnificent day in Rhode Island.

The sun was low and bright and warm… the kind of warm that rarely shows up on the last day of November.

The sun drew me out on my back deck to enjoy the last swirling colors of Fall… deep reds, brilliant oranges, yellow yellows.

Then I caught sight of one of my clay pots… with its surprise of greenery rising toward the sky and the sun, all new and fresh and miraculous on this almost-winter day…

The new greenery of my Phlox

It was my Phlox!  The same Phlox that I had written about way back on May 17th, discovering in my research that Phlox holds secrets of sweet dreams and marriage proposals


Potted Phlox in Sharon’s Rock Garden. Photo by Sharon.

The PHLOX… Greek for flame, the Phlox, with its flaming clusters of flowers, give great character and color to gardens.

Phlox colors are vivid violets, blues, pinks, yellows and whites.  Some Phlox grow upright, but many are used as lush ground cover or ornamental blooms in rock gardens.  The Phlox is a food source for animals such as rabbits and deer.

Butterflies are attracted to Phlox, making it a delightful flower for children to plant, care for and watch for its butterfly guests to arrive.

The lace-like loveliness of the Phlox has led it to symbolize Sweet Dreams… and as a Proposal of Marriage.  So, if you know anyone who is thinking of a romantic setting for a Proposal, bring on the Phlox!

Phlox, with its flame-colored delicacy, is a perfect flower to introduce to your kids.  It is both hearty and sweet, like kids!  Tell of the Phlox secrets of Sweet Dreams and Marriage Proposals as you watch butterflies flutter and alight.

And maybe, just maybe, a rabbit or deer family may come to nibble, too!


… never dreaming in a million years that the day I wrote about Phlox would  BE THE DAY BRIAN WOULD PROPOSE TO JANE!

That lovely little Phlox had waited for the most perfect day for the most perfectly sweet dream, and so mesmerized me that I wrote about it here.

Ah, but that little Phlox was not done with its magic.

Yesterday, I picked up the clay pot with the sweet new Phlox greenery and carried it into the sun… one more day I thought.  One more day of glorious sunshine before the predicted cold moved in…

My Phlox in the sunshine!

And as I’m sitting here today, I felt something magical in that Phlox.  I did.  Truly.  It was saying something sweet to me!

And within that hour, a big box was delivered to my back door…

A box from Ann Taylor

That box was from Ann Taylor.  I knew what was in the box!  I knew that Ann Taylor was sending wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride selections for Jane, my beautiful bride-to-be, Jane’s sister & matron-of-honor, Audrey, and me.

I called Jane and we both overflowed with excitement.  I told her I wouldn’t open the box ’til she got to my home… as much as I wanted to tear into its sweet contents!

The Phlox knew.  It had known all along that May 17th would be Brian’s proposal day and that November 30th would be that exciting day when glorious, delicious wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in flowing, romantic, magnificent fabrics and hues would arrive in sweet, sweet splendor!

Oh, we had such sweet, sweet fun… Jane, Audrey, my Mom and me (and 2 of Audrey’s little guys!) as we watched the magic of the moments.  Our bride-to-be.  Wedding dresses.  A wedding-to-come.  Generations of women.  Such beauty and romance in the Ann Taylor dresses, in the air, in the day and in my clay pot of Phlox!

I must let Jane tell her own story of the day, the dresses, the feeling of being the bride… but I will share a captured moment that made a sweet, sweet day sweeter than sweet…

Jane & her beautiful, sweet nephew Ben... !

And we must, must have Phlox at Jane & Brian’s wedding on July 14th, 2012!

Don’t you agree!?

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  1. I totally agree! Phlox is a must. I so enjoyed Jane’s video with all the dresses. I can’t wait to see which one she picks and the other dresses for you and Audrey. It’s all so exciting. XOXO

Ann Taylor and Magical Bridal Moments was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Sharon Couto