The Thanksgiving Pig and BB’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign

The Thanksgiving Pig

BB’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign –

Last year, at exactly this time, I was incredibly moved by the spirit of a 7-year old boy named Bridger who gave up Christmas gifts in hopes of receiving donations to build a well.

Bridger’s campaign goal was $5,000… with donations going directly to clean water projects in developing nations to transform the lives of children and people in desperate need. Bridger raised $5,622 to bring GREAT HOPE, along with clean water, to people in GREAT NEED.

I wrote about the Piggy Bank Gift that I had received from my grandson Andrew and how we turned that Piggy Bank into a Thanksgiving donation well for Bridger’s mycharity: water campaign.

Well, Bridger is one year older and one year more generous, wise and optimistic as ever… and has embarked on a new campaign, BB’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign, to raise $10,000 toward water projects in impoverished areas.

Read Bridger’s own words:

Hi, I’m Bridger. This is my 2nd year giving up Christmas presents for water. Last year, I raised $5,622 for people in need of water {}, and this year, I want to do twice as much as last year.

I’m 8 and in 3rd grade. I love scorpions.

{from charity: water}

The holidays: a time for family, fun and love.

Joy to the world, right?

But here’s the reality of Christmas in our world: America spends around $500 billion a year on Christmas gifts. That’s more than $600 per person! We also spend another $8 billion on Christmas decorations.

Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?

This Christmas, I’m taking a step back from that world. This Christmas, I want to give more than gifts that fit in boxes.

I want to give people life.

More than a billion people are living without clean drinking water on our planet. Some walk miles every day to get to the nearest source: a stagnant, parasite-infested stream or pond. They lug it back to their families. They suffer from diarrheal disease, worms and skin problems because they can’t wash. About 30,000 people die each week from water-related diseases. Most are kids under five years old!

My mission is to raise over $10,000 by Christmas this year. 100% of every dollar I raise will go directly to water projects. And when the projects are complete, charity: water will show us GPS coordinates, photos and other details about the communities we’ve helped. Together, we’ll be able to see the impact we’ve made.

One billion people, one cause. The least we can do is give one Christmas.

Please join me by donating.


Our Thanksgiving Pig again has the place of honor at our Thanksgiving Feast, and as we give thanks for family and warmth and food and love… we will open our hearts and our wallets to those in need of life’s most basic necessity – CLEAN WATER

A Pig with a Purpose

Will you join us in your own Thanksgiving Piggy Bank tradition to lend your hands, hearts and coins to help Bridger reach his goal of $10,000 this year?

And during this season of giving and receiving, what receiving can you give up to help someone live.  It’s a question posed by an extraordinary boy named Bridger whose heart is as deep as the deepest well.

“One billion people, one cause. The least we can do is give one Christmas.” – Bridger

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  1. *TEARS* again! I just love you guys so much! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!

    Bridger says to make sure I tell you THANK YOU!


  2. You’re such an amazing woman, Sharon! Thank you for helping Bridger’s dream come true (again!).

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Bari, and the rest your beautiful family!

  3. I am so touched by this cause and Bridger. My eldest son is the same age. I am shocked that so much money is spent on Christmas decorations. Senseless. I’m gonna tell my boys about this and I think we can raise money for this cause. My son is always asking how he can help those kids we see on TV who are suffering for lack of clean water.

  4. I remember so well your post from last year. Bridger is an amazing little man and it’s with pride that I have helped him again this year.

The Thanksgiving Pig and BB’s Clean Water for Christmas Campaign was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Sharon Couto