It’s Jane’s Birthday!

31 years ago this morning, just past midnight, I was pacing up and down the corridors of the “old” maternity hospital in Rhode Island.

Barry had gone home… with the promise to return at the crack o’ dawn.

These were the days when the Mom checked into the hospital the day before a C-section.

These were the days when it was unheard of for a Dad to sleep at the hospital.

These were the days when most of us didn’t know the gender of our babies.  We didn’t.

But this day was a BIG day.  We were going to have another BABY!

It was already November 4th… the day our BABY would be born.

I walked down to the nursery and peeked in the large, clean window.  It seemed so calm in there… for all the babies, that is.  I saw babies with locks and locks of dark hair.  I saw babies with no hair.  I saw big babies and little babies.

I saw pink caps and blue caps.

I saw busy, busy, busy, busy nurses.  I looked at that busy and remembered just how busy it is to have a baby.  Audrey was already 2 1/2.  Adam was 6.  Keith had just turned 9.

Wow.  We were going to have a BABY baby… that very morning.

And almost before I blinked, it was time…

Daddy in scrubs!
I can hardly wait to meet our new BABY!
Our first glimpse of our beautiful BABY GIRL!

Barry and I had chosen the name JANE long before this BABY ever came to be.  I remember driving along a country road, in the the winter, with Keith, Adam & Audrey sound asleep in the back seat of our car.  I said to Barry, “If we ever have another baby girl, what would you want to name her?”

(I loved the name Jane, but we had never discussed it.)

Barry didn’t even think more than a moment when he answered, “I’ve always loved the name JANE.”

That was it.  Perfect.  JANE… if we ever had another baby girl.  JANE means God’s gracious gift.

When I was carrying our baby, we chose the name Hillary as a middle name.  HILLARY means cheerful one.

That was it.  JANE HILLARY if this baby is a baby girl.

And then there she was.  At 10:07 in the morning, with Barry by my side… the words IT’S A GIRL!

Our beautiful baby girl Jane Hillary!

Jane would become our BABY.  She was the BABY of our family… forever.

We talked about having another baby.  We thought about having another baby.  But Jane was the perfect baby and the perfect baby sister.

And that’s that… and this is just a smidgeon of the joy, laughter, entertainment, beauty, caring, curiosity, talent, brilliance, blessings, adventure, cheerfulness, graciousness and LOVE that our little baby girl has blessed us with over the next 31 years as the youngest stepping stone in our wonderful family.

31 years!

And Janie here with her Daddy and adoring grandmothers…

And the baby and biggest in 1981 and just a couple of days ago…

Keith and Jane!
Jane & Keith!

Jane’s journey from that little baby whom we so anxiously awaited on November 4th, 31 years ago… has blessed our family every single stepping stone of the way!

There have been countless more midnights since that first one on November 4th, 1980… cuddling a newborn, nursing a fever, telling stories, listening to giggling sisters, supervising slumber parties, mending a broken heart, watching a finishing touch put on a Science Fair project or a final period on a research paper, taking outside one of Jane’s precious pups, waiting for a phone call from a college dorm or after having arrived home in NYC (or Bristol!).

Every midnight special, special, special.  Every day, every moment special, special, special.

My baby Jane… a beautiful, grown-up woman now with a wonderful man, wonderful pups, a wonderful home waiting for a final signing and a wonderful wedding to plan!

Yes.  God’s gracious gift!


You’re my BABY forever!








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  1. Aw, MOM!! What can I say? I am beyond blessed to be the daughter of the two most amazing parents in the world who have made me feel so loved every single day. I love you SO MUCH. Thank you for this post… reading it was the perfect way to start my birthday!! XXOO

It’s Jane’s Birthday! was last modified: November 4th, 2011 by Sharon Couto