How To Make a Grandma Happy

I have a little 4-year old grandson, Ben, who knows all the ingredients to HAPPINESS

1.  One cup of leaves (“For your leaf collection, Grandma.”): I didn’t know I had a leaf collection until I received this beautiful gift.  I do now!  I keep my HAPPINESS Cup of Leaves on my desk…

Happiness Cup of Leaves

2.  12 Rigatonis, 20 inches orange hemp, 1 small paper pumpkin, paint (Ben asked his Mommy to drive him to my home on Halloween day just to deliver this priceless jewel):  Now I don’t have to attend the Christie’s auction of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry in December.  I already own “the greatest private collection of jewelry ever assembled in one place.”

Priceless Happiness Necklace

3.  1 grape vine (“Because you like art, Grandma.”):  Much more than I like “art”… but that Ben sees art and happiness in everything he sees.  Ben placed this artwork on a little shelf in my kitchen right next to another piece of art that was given to me by another grandson, Jake.  I will be framing this art

Grapevine Art
Happiness Art Collection

4.  1 E-shaped plant (“Because I love you, Grandma.”):  I wrote about the precious E-shaped plant here

BEn with his E-ShapEd HappinEss!


Be HAPPY.  Find HAPPY.  Spread HAPPY.

HAPPINESS is everywhere.  It’s mostly free.  And it’s a priceless gift.







How To Make a Grandma Happy was last modified: November 3rd, 2011 by Sharon Couto
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  1. Isn’t it funny how we thought we were blessed as mothers? We had no idea how blessed we really were until this generation of little people came into our lives.

How To Make a Grandma Happy was last modified: November 3rd, 2011 by Sharon Couto