Like Father, Like Daughter…

My husband Barry and my daughter Audrey are alike in many, many ways.

First, they are Geminis.  This is interesting because Audrey was  not supposed to be a Gemini.  She was 6 weeks premature… which put her right on the cusp of becoming her Dad.

Barry and Audrey are extremely fair-minded, always looking to make everything equal to everyone.  This could be exhausting to most people, but they are naturals at it.

Barry and Audrey are nice, respectful, reflective, intuitive and inclusive people.  They draw people in…

Both Barry and Audrey are beyond funny.  They have I-DENTICAL senses of humor that come from some inner entertainer.

Both are masters of time.  These two get 2,400 hours worth of work done in each 24-hour period.  It’s true.

Let’s talk competitive for a moment.  There’s a billion-lantern light that illuminates within each of them when there’s something to compete in…

And smart?  I won’t go there because it will seem I’m bragging.

I know all of this.  I’ve lived all of this.

But THIS amazed even me.

Last Monday evening, Audrey and I attended a StyleWeek Providence event at the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) in downtown Providence.  When we parked our car across the street in a parking garage, it was still daylight.  When we headed back to our car, darkness had fallen and the lights of the city were lovely.  Audrey thought the lights of PPAC looked radiantly beautiful and stopped to snap this photograph…

On Saturday evening, Barry, my Mom and I attended StyleWeek’s final event with Audrey.  Barry dropped off the ladies at the doors of PPAC (on the red carpet and all!) and then parked our car in the same parking garage across the street.

When the event was over, the ladies waited for Barry under the canopy of the dazzling theater lights.

And Barry, mesmerized by the radiant beauty of PPAC’s lights, stopped to snap this photograph from the parking garage…

I can actually see my Mom, Audrey and me standing under the lights.

Neither Barry nor Audrey knew the other had taken a photograph… never mind an IDENTICAL photo on different nights.  Yes, they even see the beauty in the same things.

I’ve always known the astounding connection of these two, but this takes Like Father, Like Daughter to new heights.

I mean lights!

They dazzle me… every single day and every single night.





Like Father, Like Daughter… was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Sharon Couto
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  1. When Audrey told me that she had take a photo of PPAC from the top level of the parking street lot two nights earlier, I thought that it was pretty cool. When she showed me the photo that she took and we compared ours, I was blown away. But after thinking about it, I really shouldn’t have been surprised…
    Audrey and I are cut from the same cloth and Flo did the cutting!

Like Father, Like Daughter… was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by Sharon Couto