“Grandma, did you hold me when I was a baby?”

This morning, my 4-year old grandson Benjamin was carefully studying a photograph that I have in my family room.

This one…

Me and 5-month old Alex

Ben finally asked, “Grandma, is this baby me?”

I said, “No, Honey.  That’s Alex when he was a baby.”

Alex is 18 months older than Ben, so Ben wasn’t in the literal or figurative picture when the photograph was taken.

Ben studied the photo a bit more and asked, “Grandma, did you hold me when I was a baby?”

I smiled as I explained to him that I held him all the time… that he never wanted me to put him down!  I told him of his first Christmas Eve when I cooked a dinner for 22 people, practically all-the-while holding him in my arms!

I then took this photo down from a kind-of high shelf…

Benjamin - a few hours old!

… and told him of holding him when he was just a teeny-tiny brand new baby.

Benjamin studied the photo for a few moments, then crawled up on the couch to take a peek at the other photos up there on that kind of high shelf.

He looked rather puzzled and then said, “Grandma, those are all of you holding William.  In a red sweater.”

Ah.  The red sweater.

I told Benjamin the story of the red sweater as he hung on every word…

I was wearing a red sweater on the beautiful late September day William was born in New York City… back in 2004.

I happened to be wearing the same red sweater the day Alexander was born, also in New York City on a beautiful late September day… in 2005.

I happened to be wearing the same exact red sweater the day Benjamin was born… on a lovely April morning in 2007.

Do you see a theme developing here… and why Benjamin thought the baby photos were all of me holding the same baby?

Now, when Henry was born on a perfect June day in 2008, would anyone expect me to not wear the same red sweater?

Of course not.

So here we have it…

William - 2004
Alexander - 2005
Benjamin - 2007
Henry - 2008

Benjamin loved my red sweater story and gave me a great big hug.

Then he wanted to know all about me holding him while cooking Christmas Eve dinner when he was a baby.

And oh… Ben had one more interesting question.

“Grandma,” he said, “will you wear the red sweater if Mommy ever has another baby?”

I winked.  I smiled.  I answered.  “You bet I will!”

I love that red sweater…










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  1. what a lovely story and what a great tradition to wear that same speacil sweater for each babe. And I am still hoping you get to wear that beautiful sweater while holding a baby in pink. Lol. Audrey would certainly LOVE that :):):)

“Grandma, did you hold me when I was a baby?” was last modified: September 5th, 2011 by Sharon Couto