From a baby to a boy…

Little miracles happen every day, to all kinds of people, all over the place, all of the time.

They are in what we see, what we hear, what we say, what we do and what we feel.

I felt one yesterday.  I felt one in this Grandma heart of mine that legends and poems and stories are made of.

I watched a baby become a boy.

Henry is Audrey and Matt’s baby… as in their youngest child.  Henry turned 3 years old in June, but as the youngest of 3 older brothers, ages 6, 5 and 4, Henry has a very special spot in this family.  He’s the baby!

Henry entered pre-school for the first time just 2 weeks ago, and yesterday was his first swim class within that pre-school program.

It’s not like Henry hasn’t been at this pool before.  Oh, no.  Henry sat on those bleachers in his Mommy’s tummy from September ’07 – June ’08… listening to his older brothers swim.  Henry sat in a little car seat or stroller on the deck of that pool from September ’08 – June ’09… listening to and watching his older brothers swim.  Henry crawled up and down (and under) the bleachers all of the next two school years, listening to his older brothers swim.

This year, it’s Henry’s turn.

William is off to 1st grade.  Alex is off to Kindergarten.  Henry did have the comfort of his 4-year old brother Ben, but Ben’s a pro at this swim thing, knowing the ropes and the swim of things, as we say…

Benjamin, the big brother!

I watched Henry watch the pool, the teachers, the kids.  I wondered what he was thinking as he sat so quietly, so intent on that cool, blue water…

Henry watching every detail...

My heart melted as Henry marched right by the bleachers and by me, in teeny steps, giving a teeny wave as he concentrated on staying in line…

Henry... his first time!

Immediately, I knew Henry loved this swimming thing, not as a listener or observer anymore.  His smile gave it away as he gripped the edge of the pool…


And his laughter at the ride on the raft filled the world…

Pure delight!

As he took off on his own, moving his arms and kicking his feet.  And his smile. Oh, his smile…

Henry's mesmerizing smile!

The miracle was happening right before my eyes in that swirling, happy water of a pre-school swim class.

But it wasn’t until Henry was out of the pool that I saw the miracle for what it was.

Henry marched right by me in big, confident, BOY strides…

Henry. A BOY!

That was it.

That was it.

That was the moment, to me, that Henry went from a baby to a boy…

There’s some inner light that happens.  There’s some inner music that sings.  There’s some inner magic.

I’m going to call it a miracle.

I almost cried with happiness.

I called, “Henry!  Henry!  Let Grandma take a picture!”

And he came back.  He indulged me.  Just like a boy would do!

HENRY - the BOY!

Of course, Henry will always be the baby in his brood of brothers… even if (fingers crossed!) another baby comes along.

Henry has defined his position in his family with his charm, his humor, his language, his joy, his being.

But I witnessed a miracle yesterday… and there are many, many more to come.

We just have to feel them.








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  1. An absolutely heartfelt and beautiful tribute from a Grandmother that will no doubt warm the heart of this little boy one day when he is a man. My father’s name was Henry and my first boyfriend’s name was Henry, whom I happened to meet at our public swimming pool. I kinda like that name a lot 😉

From a baby to a boy… was last modified: September 24th, 2011 by Sharon Couto