What do you do with 4 little guys on an ordinary Tuesday afternoon? Make Lasagna!

On Monday afternoon, I took my Mom to a doctor’s appointment.  The appointment was to discuss a possible surgery, and I that knew my Mom would benefit from a good dose of dinner at my home with a bunch of great-grandchildren afterwards.

Audrey was delighted to bring over her brood and to visit with GrandmaRita, even on this most drenching day.

It was a rainy day… torrential rain. It was so rainy that after the appointment, I left my Mom in my car and tore around our local supermarket like a blizzard was imminent.

I picked up a couple of already roasted whole-chickens, a bunch of stuff for a nice salad, 2 boxes of rice, fresh bread… and vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, chocolate pudding and Reddi-wip (2 cans!) for dessert.

These are all the things that my Mom, my husband, my kids and my grandchildren loveLOVE.

SO as Audrey’s 4 boys walked into my kitchen and one-by-one asked when the LASAGNA would be ready… well, I nearly cried.  Yes, they loved that night’s dinner with Great-GrandmaRita… but had anticipated LASAGNA.

BUT knowing that I was baby-sitting the very next day and overnight, I was able to promise them their LASAGNA for Tuesday’s dinner.

And so it was… with their enthusiastic help!

The 4 chefs about to begin...
Alex and William listening to me about LAYERING!
Henry taking the ricotta very seriously!
Ben arranging the lasagna noodles just right!
Alex and William working the mozzarella!
Pop-up's home for the home-cooked Lasagna!
Pop-up is honored to serve!
Really, really enjoying the FEAST!

I don’t remember when I’ve had such a wonderful time in the kitchen… teaching, laughing, creating, enjoying the wonder of family and a feast on an otherwise ordinary summer evening!

(AND we had plenty of leftovers to deliver to GrandmaRita today, too!)

Ah… Mangia!











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  1. I absolutely loved this blog! It is so much fun to have little helpers in the kitchen! I have had so many meals made with the help of a 3-year-old nephew who just wants to stir or turn on the stove.