SUAVE KIDS Teams Up With the Smurfs!

My sons are addicted to the Smurfs.

They’re actually seeing the movie tonight (8/8).  They have the Smurfs Just Dance for the Wii.  They have the Smurf DS game.  They have Smurf figurines.  And now we’re looking for Smurf sheets (I kid you not!).

I love it because when I was a little girl, I LOVED the Smurfs.  It was my Saturday morning show that I didn’t miss — for anything!  My favorite was Smurfette!  The coolest chick around (I thought!).  It’s really cool for me to see my children enjoying something that gave me so much joy as a child.  I love it.

And then I saw this exclusive new line…

Suave Kids is introducing specially designed bottles of your kids’ favorite Shampoos, Detanglers and Body Washes – all featuring the Smurfs!

How perfect is this?

For your little Smurfette:
Make bath-time tear-free with Suave Kids® 2 in 1 Shampoo Smoothers in Orange Mango Outburst. Its gentle, creamy conditioning formula reduces tangles and split-ends, leaving hair feeling extra soft.

For extra conditioning, help your Smurfette tackle the toughest knots and tame flyaways and frizz with Suave Kids® NEW Twirlin’ Swirlberry Soft & Smooth Detangler.This super duper detangler makes hair more manageable, leaving it extra soft, smooth & shiny.

For the little Smurfs:
Clumsy Smurf makes bath-time fun with Suave Kids® 2 in 1 Shampoo Smoothers in Cowabunga Coconut. Reduce tangles and split ends with this gentle, creamy conditioning formula, which leaves hair feeling extra soft. Formulated to help eliminate tough tangles, it gently cleans and moisturizes for less than the more expensive brands.

As an alternative, try Suave Kids® 2- in 1 Shampoo in Surf’s Up, which cleanses and contains conditioners to moisturize and help eliminate tough tangles in one easy step.

Having a tough morning? Let Gutsy Smurf help your little one battle tangles with Suave Kids® Orange Alley-Oop Morning Hair Tamer.  It quickly fixes bed hair, cowlicks, and wild flyaways. Its alcohol-free formula keeps hair in place without the stickiness, making hair easy to control & style.

To keep your little Smurf or Smurfette’s skin clean and super soft, reach for one of four Suave Kids® Body Washes, designed specifically for kids’ skin.  All are hypoallergenic and have an ophthalmologist tested formula, that not only makes bath time tear-free, but cleanses effectively without drying your child’s sensitive skin like a bar soap can.
·         Suave Kids® Strawberry Body Wash (featuring Smurfette)
·         Suave Kids® Berry Body Wash (featuring Clumsy Smurf)
·         Suave Kids® Moisturizing Body Wash (featuring Brainy Smurf)
·         Suave Kids® Free and Gentle Body Wash (featuring Papa Smurf)

This limited edition line of Suave Kids® retails for $1.92-$3.99. Hurry and catch the Smurfs while you can!  Find this exclusive line of Suave Kids® in the hair care aisle of select retail locations. These Smurfy products are exclusively available through November 2011.

So get your SMURF ON!!!!!!!



SUAVE KIDS Teams Up With the Smurfs! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by admin
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SUAVE KIDS Teams Up With the Smurfs! was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by admin