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Has there been someone special in your life that inspired you to make a simple change this year?

Answer away!! We will randomly pick a winner tonight at midnight!


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  1. My fashionable friends inspire me to put more effort into my appearance all the time! When you dress yourself up a little bit, it really does make you feel better about yourself.

  2. Being pregnant with my first child, he has inspired me to really take care of myself and change my eating and exercise habits!

  3. My grandma, we thought that we were going to lose her but she is back stronger than ever and celebrating her 85th birthday – @denimorse

  4. I had many moms and dads on the web, that inspired me to finally do what I have wanted to do forever! Started a blog, simple and awesome 🙂

    Thanks for a great party!


  5. yes i have my son who keeps me going even though im tired
    and my grandbaby who is even more busy than my son. she keeps us all hopping!

  6. My mom (who is in her 70s) lost over 35 pounds this year, which made me think, she can do it, so can I. So I’m on my way too (still working on 10) but still, that’s something to be proud of!

  7. My family ahave inspired me to take better care of myself. I want to be around to see my kids grow up and play with my grandchildren

  8. Q6 Yes, My Mother inspires me to be the best I can be.
    @AudreyMcClellan @VeraSweeney #SimplyOJ

  9. my mom – she struggles with diabetes and high blood pressure – though i am healthy i definitely am more aware of what i eat

  10. My nephew. He makes me want to get healthier… he is so cute and it saddens me that I can not run around as much with him as I like because I run out of breathe. I want to be able to enjoy playing with him. He makes me want to do better!


  11. My 8 month old baby daughter inspires me to lose weight (like back down to college weight) so that I can teach her all about eating healthy and taking care of her body.

  12. Yes, my dad losing his battle with cancer has inspired me to make the best of the time I have in my life.

  13. My family has inspired me to take better care of myself. I want to be around to see my kids grow up and play with my grandchildren @mellanhead

  14. My husband is always telling me to go after what I want re:writing, to take the time and he believes I can do it. It’s given me the courage to really start blogging/writing more and working on expanding.

  15. Yes, my Mom was diagnosed with CHF and heart blockages. Thinking about how precious life is inspired me. My simple change is talking to her (either by phone, email, twitter or facebook) DAILY. Literally don’t let a day go by that I don’t tell her that I love her.

  16. My kids inspire me..I became a single parent with no help, and its been a challenge but they make me want to be a better person, and lead by example in many ways. I want to be better for them and be around for them

  17. YES! My husband! He has inspired me to finally at 28 years old go out and get my drivers license. I know it sounds crazy to most people but this had been a major fear my entire life. With his help I know I can move on and finally do it!

  18. After watching my mom fight breast cancer this year I realize you have to enjoy every bit of life since you dont know what will happen tomorrow.

  19. My second child will be going to college, along with my first, in two years all three will be there. My change is finding ways to SAVE.

  20. My husband has inspired me to make some changes this year. We are both now in our 40’s and he has really made great strides in taking better care of his health. This has rubbed off on me and it has been great.

    Thank you for the party. It was great fun!

  21. My grandchildren inspire me to live life to the fullest and not worry about tomorrow.

  22. Most certainly! My husband. He’s inspired me to make sure I take time for myself, which I most definitely need when trying to work at home with the two little ones. He makes sure I take time by myself, even if it’s just for 10 minutes while he gives the kids a bath or going to see a movie with a girlfriend. I was going and going and giving and giving without giving back to myself. And, it was showing. So, now, I make sure I do something small to take time for myself to recharge and unwind. So simple, yet makes a huge difference!

  23. My Mom inspired me to make a simple change this year by learning how to be more patient and understanding and trying not to stress so much. It has become something that is important for me to do now and she is a great inspiration for that!

  24. YES! A very close friend of mine inspired me to be my true self.. and to just change little things (like my attitude at somethings) and so far this has worked out great and I owe him big time @Unkatchable73

  25. The party was SO much fun, despite twitter/tweetgrid being wonky haha

    Thanks so much!!

    YES! My Aunt Shirley!! She is my rock since my mom died!! She is the one who has inspired me to eat healthier and try new things like turmeric on my food/cinnamon and drink my Organic Apple Cider vinegar(with the mother-important lol)

    I already was drinking alot of water..walking alot, but she inspired me to go to the next level and still encourages me daily:) I love her!

    Thank you for the chance to win!



  26. Yes, my dad. Making him proud of me means so much to me! So I definitely take time and make time to eat right and take care of myself


  27. Yes the person who has inspired me this year would be my Dad. He had lung cancer and lost his battle on May 10th It has been the hardest thing I have ever went through but he has inspired me by how he handled what he was dealt so gracefully, courageous and always had hope and faith. He has inspired me to take better care of myself and to live life the way he did whatever comes my way I can handle it because he showed me how. I love and miss my Dad terribly I plan to do a cancer walk in his name/honor.

  28. My eleven yr old daughter has inspired me to spend less time in the house(computer, cleaning, cooking,etc) and more time being outside with her and my family. We walk, hike, ride our bikes, go to concerts in the local park, picnic, etc. This simple change has changed my mood to pleasant and happy and I have lost weight.

  29. Absolutely! One of my very best friends is dealing with her second bout with cancer and does it with such grace, I can’t help but try to follow her example and not complain about the simplest thing in my life.

  30. My kids have inspired me to jump in the pool with them to have fun and exercise & not just sit in a lounge chair!

  31. My mom- even though she is struggling with neuropathy and it is harder for her to get around, she continues to have a positive outlook and doesn’t let that get in her way. Looking at the things she can’t do has caused me to become more active, knowing that as it can be genetic, this too might be in my future.

  32. My husband inspired me with his wonderful and progressive poetry! He keep me havingy head up!

    @3GrumpyBeans on twitter

  33. My husband because he loves me unconditionally despite all my medical issues. He is the best. He shows me what true love is.

  34. My boyfriend! We’ve been together since Sept 2007 and a few weeks after we started dating I got very sick. Then in June 2008 I lost my job. Each year has been a struggle and so much has changed, but my boyfriend has been there by my side to remind me not to give up and he’s helping by taking me to my doctor’s appointments and the little things like taking walks with me outside on the better days. He’s always there to be my sunshine when it seems like all the clouds are always out!

  35. My friends mom died of colon cancer this year, my aunt had ovarian cancer & died last year, my grandpa had prostate cancer & he passed a few years ago. I could go on & on. I had cervical cancer but found out early & had a radical hysterectomy when I was 29. I still have my ovaries b/c they were healthy & my age. Cancer has definitely made me a fighter & wanna change my whole lifestyle. It affects anyone, anywhere,any age, no discrimination! I live day by day & just try and appreciate the simple things in life b/c it can be taken at any time!

  36. an old friend that I had lost touch with came back into my life. as we have known each other for many years the reuniting was simple. but the results have been profound. The bond of friendship made it simple. We found out that we have had many details that had happened while we lost touch, but the true and simple things of the heart and mind have remained strong in both our lives. It has reminded us both of the value of a true friend and not to take one day for granted. One of the simple changes that has resulted is to take more time each day ( away from high tech communications) for family & friends…on purpose..I recently suggested that to my daughter also… reminding her that 20 mins each day given solely to each indivdual child can be lifechanging for both!
    Thanks for a great giveaway tonight on the #simplyoj twitter chat!
    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  37. My husband inspires me to make small changes all the time–I want to stay healthy and happy and enjoy our lives together!

  38. A very good friend inspired me to care less 🙂 About what people think, about whether everything is perfect, about trying to make everyone else happy…
    It’s ok to be a little selfish and spend more time playing, less time worrying!

  39. That would be my mother. I have been complaining on how hard it is to raise two kids alone while my husband works out of town.. She had 6 kids alone while my father went out of town..She told that she knows its hard but as someone that had came from her she knew i was a rock and something like this would only help me grow as a mother, bond with them and have a special relationship like i do w her @DiandraN26

  40. All the volunteers at my work.. If they can find the time to volunteer, so can I! 🙂

  41. Yes – a new friend I’ve made who has absolutely changed my life, reaffirming to me that I can change things for the better.

  42. My friend/coworker suffered a very serious kidney infection & that drove home how important it is to drink plenty of water (& make more frequent bathroom stops). We’re both drinking less soda & more water. Good all around!


  43. My auntie. She was overweight. She turned her life around and started taking care of her body and she lost more than 50+ ibs in a year. She has extra skin left over from her fast weigh loss so she went to get it remove and it was a scary procedure, but she made it and she looks great! She’s such a inspiration! 🙂

  44. My husband absolutely is always inspiring me to push myself physically and eat healthy AND be ok with the fact that I am not perfect and being a Mom right now is my #1 job. Love that. So the simple change was the let go and be a Mom!!!

  45. The person who has inspired me this year is my god daughter! She just turned 20 works 2 jobs annnnnnd is going to school acing her classes. Somehow still manages to help her mom w/the other kids and have a social life. I want to be like her when I grow up! LOL

  46. Yes…My Papa passed away in January, and he inspired me with his fight to live. He told me to live everyday like it is the last, and to embrace life for the journey it is….and to tell everyone I love how I feel…everyday!

  47. So this may sound kind of off, especially because the person wasn’t really special. 2011 has been a tough year. Being an independent designer means that I’m at the mercy of my clients, of the market, and as a result means that there is at times a great deal of stress on my shoulders. Anyway, earlier this year I sought out a therapist who finally got me to realize that I had to make sure I was putting my own needs first. I don’t mean that in a selfish manner at all and please don’t take it as such. But really it came down to my always being the ear for my friends, taking care of my clients needs, running myself ragged because I didn’t have a source for my own venting or my own needs. It came down to ensuring that I take time out to reset myself – be it a morning at the beach watching the waves, a weekend away from the house (and office), or just taking care of a simple need. Huge! Who would’ve known.

  48. My dad has. He has been taking a lot of chances in his life lately – good chances – maybe I should say he’s been looking forward and making changes for his futures. He knows that things may not work out as he hopes, but he is at least willing to take a step and try. Thinking of him at his age taking those forward steps makes me wonder why I have not been able to do the same. I will never know what will happen if I don’t try. His bravery and optimism has inspired me to take venture out and take a few of those first steps too.

    (I want to apologize for not being at the last minutes of the twitter chat – I went to twitter jail! lol -its been a long time since I’ve done that that I couldn’t remember the password to my jail acct!! I’m actually still in ‘jail’ as I post this!)

  49. That would be my Father in Law. His struggle with transitional cell carcinoma (type 4 bladder cancer) has really changed the way I see things! He is the strongest man I know, but his battle has really put my life in perspective. I pray for a miracle, but from his struggles I will never sweat the small stuff, and I will never take one single breath for granted. @martiferg

  50. All of my friends and family – they inspired me, and encouraged me to lose weight. It was a collaborative effort 🙂

  51. My little guys are always the ones that inspire me! Want to slowly make healthy lifestyle changes so that I’ll be around longer for them!!! Would love to start doing yoga in the morning before they wake up so that I’ll have a little “me” time & get fit in the process! 😀 @VectoringMomma

  52. Is it ok if I mention someone who’s not actually in my life, but that has influenced me? Reading about Sheila from, influenced me to drastically cut back my carb intake and live the Atkins diet lifestyle. In three months, I’ve lost almost 20 lbs and feel better than I have in ages. I know this isn’t really a small change (it’s a pretty big deal for most people to give up most bread, rice, pasta, cereal and sugar) but it’s the best one I could think of 🙂

  53. I would have to say my kids and my new husband. We got married in May after being together for 10 years!! I want to lose weight and get in shape to 1: be around longer for them 2: be able to do more with them and 3: to feel better about myself.

    I need to take good care of myself most of all for my daughter. Her dad died when she was less than a month old and I am all she has (biologically). They are my reason to change this year.

    Good luck everyone! 🙂

  54. My two little girls are a constant reminder for me to be patient and kind in ALL of my interactions, both with them and others.

  55. My mother inspires me every single day since she is strong and persistent with her goals. She stays strong with her MDA disease and I love her for that.

  56. My 11 y/o MacKenzie inspires me the most! She’s very spiritual for an 11 y/o! She always encourages me to pray and trust God! Her favorite scripture is WE can do ALL things through CHRIST that strengthens US! And not what my faults are she loves me unconditionally! I love her so very much, unconditionally!

  57. My wife is my inspiration! She’s always encouraging me to make positive changes. @rwells1020

  58. I guess you could say Mother Nature inspired my family. 🙂 Our 100 yr old farmhouse was nearly destroyed by a tornado. The rebuilding process is nearly overwhelming. My family and I have learned to slow down and take a break even in the midst of chaos. The to-do list will still be there tomorrow but the person sitting next to you may not. ENJOY life DAILY!!

  59. I would have to say my friend, Allison Alexander, has inspired me. She gave me a chance at writing on her blog, which I had never done anything like that before. She helped me grow in confidence with my writing, and now I continue to write with her, GalTime Providence, My own personal blog (, and get paid as a freelance journalist now at Patch for a part-time job! She was very supportive and helped me to get where I am today with my writing! Thank you Allison!!!

  60. My 5yo inspired me to make a small – but meaninigful – change this year. He same up to me one day and said “Mom, how come when I ask you a question sometimes, you look at your computer screen and not me when you answer?” So now, whenever one of my kids asks me a question I stop what I’m doing, look straight at them, and listen attentively! 🙂

  61. My 5yo inspired me to make a small – but meaninigful – change this year. He came up to me one day and said “Mom, how come when I ask you a question sometimes, you look at your computer screen and not me when you answer?” So now, whenever one of my kids asks me a question I stop what I’m doing, look straight at them, and listen attentively! 🙂

  62. My family truly inspires me every day to be a better person. My daughter has motivated me to be more active…she has started playing softball like I used to so it’s really fun to get out there with her.

  63. My three Grandchildren inspire me every day and they are so wonderful…love them so much. I am trying hard to be more healthy so I will be around for a long time to watch them grow into wonderful adults!

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