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I absolutely ADORE and LOVE celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa! She has been at both of our Getting Gorgeous Events styling and beautifying moms, including me and Vera!

Well, I’m SUPER excited to see Sarah working with Aussie right now! Aussie is launching brand new stylers this summer! And Sarah was kind enough to find some time to share with me some tips as to how Aussie’s new products deliver long-lasting style.

1. Hi Sarah!! When it comes to summertime hair, every mom starts to ask – “What to do?” What is your favorite hairstyle for the summer that’s super easy to accomplish?

Hi Audrey! I love summertime and all the hairstyling options. With more trips to the beach and summer vacations, people tend to be in a more playful, colorful mood and the styles tend to be more natural, fresh, and even bohemian at times. Due to all the moisture in the air and the way humidity affects our hair, people often try to fight the elements, but I always say to embrace your own natural beauty and in the case of your hair, do the same. Summer is the time to see what your natural wave pattern is, to learn how to incorporate it into various styles, and also to learn how to enhance it in the best way.

During the summer, routines for moms can change up a bit. With the addition of pool parties, camp outings and vacations, we tend to spend a lot of time in the scorching heat (and the cold air conditioning!). My favorite summer hairstyles fall into two categories: daytime fun and nighttime chic.

Daytime Fun: This all starts with enhancing your natural waves and going with the weather.

· Start by taking a test day where you have a little free time…pull out your products and play a little! Test your natural wave pattern by spritzing a spray gel on damp hair and scrunching it up with a towel.

· Take the diffuser attachment of your blow dryer and lightly dry the ends to the roots by scooping large sections into the diffuser. Allow this to air dry as you test out your summer makeup (colored liners, soft glosses, bronzer).

· Once you’re done and your hair has dried, you can always enhance this wave by making “C” shapes with your flat iron.

After your test day is over and you know your natural hair texture, this styles turns into a quick five-minute “scrunch and go” style that dries instantly in the summer heat, which is perfect for any mom!

Nighttime Chic: After you’ve mastered the natural texture, adding hidden braids on the side, or a twisted half-up section can instantly glam up and add style to your every day easy hair! But one of my favorite summer looks is the sleek ponytail. This is the perfect summer style…the key here is in the prep.

· Start by flat ironing your hair to get out the frizz. Then apply Aussie’s NEW Anti- Frizz Cream directly to the roots and comb through to ensure the style lasts all night long.

· The final step is to spritz a flexible hold hairspray directly on a flat brush, and while looking up, brush into a high ponytail (which will create a smooth underneath section). And in this case, the ponytail can be left with the natural texture.

Hair Accessories: I love Collette Malouf’s metallic headbands- they are sophisticated and dressy and can add style to any outfit. I also love a double wrap headband to wear with a messy updo. Zipper headbands from gla.MAR.ous (…which has tons of amazing, cool hair accessories!) are unique, but much more casual. Believe it or not, mens’ summer hats are also very chic with beachy waves!

2. What products from Aussie do you feel every mom should have in their beauty arsenal?

Aussie’s 3 Moist Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner – This is my favorite product to bring on vacations, to apply before swimming, and to use directly after coloring. It’s rich conditioning, easy application bottle (squeezes from the bottom- no need to twist off in the shower, which I love), and smooth finish create the perfect foundation for constant good hair days!

Aussie Catch The Wave Mousse + Leave In Conditioner – This to me is one of the most genius products out there for your hair. It’s a styling mousse that adds volume and hold, combined with a moisturizing conditioner that leaves your hair soft and shiny. I apply it before every blow dry.

Aussie’s NEW Anti-Frizz Cream– This is a brand new product that will get rid of frizz for up to 24 hours. That’s exactly what everyone needs, especially when on the go this summer! I use this cream before curling hair for a super shiny look and after I’m done styling (any style) to keep hair frizz- free.

Aussie’s Catch The Wave Sprunch Spray- Hairspray should be a staple in everyone’s beauty bag. I love using hairspray as a styling tool and a finishing tool. This Sprunch Spray is soft and flexible so it will hold your style without leaving it stiff and crunchy.

3. When it comes to using anti-frizz or serums, many of us use too much… what amount do you feel is right for one hair application of it? Why shouldn’t you use too much?

It often depends on the ingredients – Some serums and de-frizzers are made of heavy oils that will definitely tame flyways, but will also leave your hair feeling and looking greasy. All hair types are different, but a general rule of thumb is to use a dime size amount starting on the ends and then using what’s remaining to smooth over the roots on fine hair and short hair. If you have super long hair, thick or textured hair, or really dry bleached hair, I would recommend using a quarter size amount, but still applying only directly to the ends first.

Look for water as one of the first ingredients. This signifies that the product will eventually evaporate and will not continue to add excess oils to the hair if you re-apply throughout the day. Aussie’s NEW Smoothing Serum is designed to get rid of frizz for up to 24 hours so you should not need to re-apply. In this case, test out what works best for your hair, which could be applying it on damp hair, applying before using hot tools, or applying after the style is done. I like to use it at all times and see what the best result is.

4. What’s your best summertime beauty hair secret?

Applying a deep conditioner to damp hair before swimming in the ocean or swimming in the pool is the best beauty hair secret for the summer. In the summer, chlorine, salt, and even the sun can damage hair by swelling the cuticle and oxidizing (fading) color. The worst feeling is to be on vacation or out at the pool and trying to smooth out your tangled hair. I always bring my Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Treatment with me and it makes a world of a difference!

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Sarah Potempa talks Aussie was last modified: July 20th, 2017 by admin