NYC Style

There’s just something about the pulse and the beat of the City…

I love being here for the fashion. I breathe it in. I soak it up. It’s why I moved here at the age of 21 years old dreaming big to do something, something in the fashion world. I never thought it a million years that I would be a mom fashion blogger someday!

My fashion advice today for moms?

Experiment with fashion. I know it’s simple advice, but if there’s one thing I love about seeing the women in NYC is that they’re not afraid of playing with clothes and accessories and colors and fabrics. There’s something really refreshing and cool about it. This very morning I saw a woman wearing a men’s button down shirt with a belt and it looked FABULOUS! So chic, so fashionable and so trendy! I loved it.

I always think of Carrie Bradshaw when I think NYC style… funny because she was never a mother on the show or in the movies, but – still to me, her style was NYC. She dared to dress in different things and it didn’t matter.

To hone that into a mom’s world… because – let’s face it – we’re not Carrie Bradshaw’s and I won’t be wearing a nighty with jeans… but still, as a mom – we can have fun with clothing!

Wear a hat!

Buy those extra-big sunglasses.

Try a chunky belt.

Slip on those heels!

Wear a bright, vibrant scarf.

Purchase those fabulous rings and necklaces and bracelets!

Just dare… dare in a NYC way.

I love NYC… and it’s the energy and the vide and the personality of NYC that fuels a lot of my own fashion sense! 🙂


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NYC Style was last modified: August 17th, 2011 by admin